Saturday’s Sightseeing

My friend and I took the insane Delilah (see pic) for a ‘little’ walk along the Somerset section of the Railway Trail.  It was a very pleasant walk, but there wasn’t much to see.  On the brochure it said that there were stunning sea views.  I guess there would be if those damn trees were not in the way!!



The first section of our walk started at the Hitching Post where we parked (probably illegally) and ambled our way over Somerset Bridge to find the trail. 

Before we hit even the bridge though, there was a stunning old house.  I don’t know what it was, if it’s inhabited, or if it has any major part in Bermuda’s history, but it is a beautiful example of Bermuda architecture and it’s been preserved so well that it is just one of Bermuda’s hidden treasures.  I have attached  a pic below.  Please email or comment if you can fill us in on its history!


The guide to Bermuda’s Railway Trails tells us that this particular section of the trail is 1.7 miles, and so a nice 3 mile walk sounded pleasant enough.  The trails are pretty much all paved over now so it’s not like a hike or a ramble.  We set off with gusto (well, Delilah did!), water and my camera… and a great sense of adventure…

Three hours later when we returned to the car the water was gone as was the gusto!  I did however manage to take some good pictures!

The walk would not have taken three hours had we returned the way we came.  That would have been boring though and there is no fun in being boring.  Instead, we took the road route back for two-thirds of the trail.  Turns out that it was pretty much uphill the whole way and twice as long as the trail!  We did see some fantastic properties and views so it made it all worth it. 

Here are a couple of my favourite shots:



I estimate we walked a good 5 miles.  It was probably nearer 4, but who’s going to argue with me!? 

On the way home we stopped at the Hayden’s Trust church.  It’s a super old church and is the smallest functional church on the island.  It still has monk chants daily.  I am so going back to check that out.  I can’t tell you much more about it because that is all I know.  Useless, I know!


By the time we had finished walking around the church, been to the grocery store, taken Delilah home and had something to eat, there was no energy left for anything else!  We sat outside on my friends patio which over looks the ocean, and chatted until it was time to get home to feed the dogs again!

An exhausting, but fantastic day start to finish!

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  1. Heydon church is magnificent. One of my favourite places on the island.

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