Weekend of Adventuring!

With only a limited number of weekends available to me now, I had to make the most of the one just gone… and I am still recovering!!

Friday saw the 1st birthday of my friends beautiful son.  He has spent the last year melting my heart, entertaining me, and keeping me happy and positive, so it was only right that I celebrated his milestone birthday with him.  It meant that I missed a 30th celebration for other friends and I do feel bad for that, but this baby boy is too cute to leave!!

His Mummy and Daddy had other plans for the rest of the weekend for him to celebrate with his little friends, but I was lucky enough to witness the first birthday cake (see pic of before and after!) and his first sugar rush!  It was just too much fun!





Sadly it was only the adults present that thought it would be amusing if he stuck his head in the cake, or rubbed the icing in his hair.  He was very well-behaved and instead of that, he dropped it on the floor and wiped the icing off onto his chair!

It was a wonderful evening spent with people I am going to miss badly.  It was very special and I am blessed to have been a part of it.

As for the rest of my weekend… it was reserved for my “Bermuda Bucket List”!

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