Tropical Storm Shary

Seriously?!  A Tropical Storm this late in the season AND on a weekend??

Unfortunately, yes.

On the plus side, because I need to try to think positively, it is coming on a Friday night.  This means that the worst can be when I am either a) in a bar, or b) curled up on the sofa with a Snuggie!!  Also, Saturday may be a little wobbly weather-wise, but Sunday should be great again!

Will keep you updated of Shary’s progress!!

UPDATE:  We are going to take a direct hit.  Shary is now a weak Tropical Storm.  Will bring lots of rain etc.   Whatever!  I am sooo staying in and keeping dry!!!!!

UPDATE:  We didn’t notice it.  There was a bit of rain and some thunder and lightening, but nothing else… thankfully!

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