Where did the time go?

I work this morning and realised that I am now nearly a month back home.  Where has the time gone?  I have certainly not spent it blogging, have I!

I will attempt a short update and then continue to blog on a more regular basis from now on.

The Flight

Not so bad.  I was squished between the most obnoxious woman and her adorable baby (nb – not all women want to hear how beautiful their child is apparently and become rather hostile if you try), and a fat chick.  Could have been worse.  The Classic Springboks were on my flight.  I imagine that being squished between two brick walls who were sweating pure alcohol could have been a particular low in my British Airways history!  Anyway, the Boks were fairly well-behaved, horrified when they discovered that I actually do understand Afrikaans, and helpful when it came to pushing my two trolleys with towering luggage!

My Nephew

Born on November 9th, weighing in at 7lbs 4ozs, with a full head of hair, he is absolutely beautiful!   I have been having lots of cuddles and it melts my heart every time I see him.  He is the sole reason that I could be persuaded to stay in the UK for a little while longer.  Thankfully he can not ask me himself and I don’t think I will ever be able to say ‘no’ to that little face!

The Weather

I would not be a good English Girl if I did not discuss the weather!  It’s shit.  I think the high point has been about 5Celcius, and the low about -5Celcius.  Don’t even get me started on the snow!  We had about 8 inches in a 24hr period.  I didn’t dare leave the house for 4 days because a) I have never driven in the snow and have an automatic car (see “Sophia”), b) I couldn’t have got the car out of the drive anyway, and c) I would have been like Bambi trying to get to the car once the snow had melted a little and compacted to solid blocks of ice.  It is due to snow again before Christmas… I am absolutely praying it does not! 


She is my lovely silver Fiat Punto.  She is automatic and really easy to drive.  I am loving the “city” button.  It makes her a lot lighter to drive so actually my parking isn’t too bad!!  She also has a new voice… a Sony CD player thingie.  She is an old lady so her original voice was a tape player!  Funny much!!


I have had a couple of vacancies put my way, but there isn’t much happening generally.  One company in Dubai made me an offer, but at 2,000 dirham a month less than my minimum, I declined.  I am not going anywhere until I have the right company and the right package.  Sounds so harsh when I type it on here, but it’s the sensible way forward I think.  In the meantime, I am signing up to be a “Pampered Chef” consultant.  It would mean going to people’s houses to sell them kitchenware.  A bit like tupperwear parties used to be!  I get a kit with lots of lovely kitchen items and then go to ladies houses and show them how to make stuff with those items.  How cool is that!?  For anyone who doesn’t know me so well, I am always pottering around in the kitchen so this job is ideal for me!  If you are in the UK, or have family in the UK, please sign up for a “show”!  As a host, you will get lots of free gifts, plus a percentage of what your friends spend is credited to your account so you can essentially get free items from the catalogue! 

(Confession time – Half of the excitement for saying yes to Pampered Chef is that I will get to buy myself a whole new organizer as mine is a teeny handbag sized one!!!!)


I haven’t done much.  I have been trying to see my nephew as much as possible, and also trying to help Mum get ready for Christmas.  If you add those to the snow days, I haven’t had time!  I did get to Rochester for their Dickens Christmas Market.  It was beautiful.  As for next…. I have my very good friends and former neighbours arriving from Bermuda on Saturday morning and will be showing them around.  I think we’re heading out into London for real touristy stuff.  Who knows!  I do have to get to London before Christmas to take pictures of all the window displays and lights though!

Family Time

I have spent a lot of time catching up with my Mother.  She is one of the most wonderful women on the planet and so we have been having a ball.  Well, I have… she is mostly exasperated about the level of chaos I can bring to one house!!  We’ve been on day trips, out for dinner at nice (chinese) restaurants, had dvd and (chinese) take out nights and generally done anything we fancy.  We have been learning how to cook in different ways from each other, although are currently fighting about who does the best veggies for a roast dinner… she thinks I do, I think she does!!  It’s so good to spend this time with her.  After 5 years of phone calls, actually being here with her is a tonic.

My 87yr old Grandmother came down to stay with us for a couple of days so that she could meet her Great-Grandson!  He of course won her over before she had ever met him and it was just blissful to see him in her arms.  A bit emotional for all of us really.  She is the only surviving Grandparent.  She has always been my favourite out of the lot so I am happy!  I do miss Granddad though, her husband.  He was a fabulous man.  In fact, my future husband will be measured against him as he was the perfect gentleman.   Anyway, back to the present day, Grandma was here for 2 nights originally and then we were taking her home… and then the snow came.  A bonus 4 nights were awarded to us, and we ate her favourites for dinner every night… fish and chips from the chippy, chinese take out, roast pork dinner… the list goes on and on!!!!

Well, that’s pretty much it, I think.  I really haven’t done much.  I haven’t even had time to log on and catch up with my favourite US tv shows!  I am hopelessly behind!  Nevermind… Christmas is coming up and I know that means that I will get to do nothing (apart from cook and wash up!) for 2 whole days!  Really must go and see if I can book DVDs to rent for the Christmas period.  Do you think Blockbuster will let you order them to collect on Christmas Eve?  Will find out and let you know!

Happy Christmas Build Up!!!!

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  1. Happy New Year B_I_B.

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