Christmas & New Year

Firstly, Happy New Year!

Christmas was fairly quiet for us.  Had it not been for my sister’s baby, it would have been a very sad time.  It was our first Christmas without my father.  It is one of the other reasons that I quit my job in Bermuda.  I wasn’t able to come home for Christmas as I had exhausted all of my leave options.  There is no way that I was going to be on the other side of the Atlantic. 

We had to share the baby though of course with the father’s parents too.  Kind of a good thing.  If we had the whole day with them it would have ben absolutely beyond exhausting!  You have never seen so many gifts under the tree.  Most of them for the baby of course!

We opened the stockings whilst breakfast was cooking, then after eating more than you could imagine, we made tracks into the tree gifts that Santa had bought!

Everyone was so kind, and the baby was spoilt rotten!  It is how it should be.  I can’t wait for next year when he is more alert and can play a bit more.  So much fun!!

I did pretty much nothing between Christmas and New Year, except shop!  I bought myself a lovely treat…. a new Wii!  I figure that if I have to get fit and thin in the new year, I will do it from my house because I am not paying out for gym membership!

I didn’t set it up until 1 January!!

New Years Eve is not my kind of a night out at all.  All that enforced merriment is not fun.  I generally have a lousy night, and being a non-drinker, it gets even worse.  The only New Years Eve Parties I have enjoyed in recent years were hosted by a lovely friend in Bermuda at her house.  They were chilled out and fun and silly.  Perfect! 

This year, as last, I stayed in with a chinese take out and DVDs.  It wasn’t much different from the rest of the Christmas period, but it was the right way to spend it for sure.

January 1st hailed the start of my Wii Fit stage.  My sister came by and showed me how it was done… because she never likes to be left out, or not to win!  After she had left, Mum and I continued and laughed until the only muscles that were thoroughly worked on were our stomach muscles from laughing so hard!!!

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