Starting the New Year Right!

As I said before,  I bought myself a Wii Fit in order to get fit in the new year.  I pretty much suck at it.  My Wii Fit age is 8yrs older than I am which is a bit rude I feel, and I have no discernible balance or coordination.  It’s a good thing I have a decent sense of humour or I would have thrown the thing out of the door after half an hour!!

The other things that have been keeping me occupied over the last few days are as follows:

The Harrods Sale

Mum and I got a bit bored of hanging out and relaxing so we took ourselves off to the Harrods Sale.  It was quite the experience.  I have never seen so many people in one place.  I have never seen so many reductions either.  I had a great time!  I stocked up on my Clinique products and my chocolate supplies, and even found White Cherries in the Food Hall. 

Then I found some pretty water that I thought I would buy:

Until I saw the price of course:


Crazy much!?  It was a great day out and one that we definitely needed… as was the early night we needed to recover!!

Catching Up with Friends

I finally managed to get to see my friend and her children.  I am godmother to her son, who is absolutely adorable, as is her daughter.  We had tried to get together a couple of times before Christmas, but the snow and illness had hampered our chances.  We had a lovely lunch and then took the kids to run off their energy at the local park.  It was great fun, but very muddy!!  I can’t wait to go again… when the park is a little bit drier!!!

Snuggie Time!

I have been suffering with my health for the last couple of days.  My sinuses are becoming blocked and that is just wrong.  I don’t like being sick and I don’t like being in pain.  So, in order to use this time wisely, I have been catching up on my snoozing, blogging, email and most importantly, Snuggie Time with the puppies!!

If you can’t be up and about, you might as well gt some good cuddles in!!

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