Finally… I have a job!!

That’s right people… I have nearly left unemployment behind!  I am just waiting to sign the contract!

I will start at the beginning though…

I had an interview last week.  It was a video conference at the law firms London office for a position in their Abu Dhabi office.  I was interviewing with two Partners and a HR type.  The interview went fairly well, but I did not get the job.  However, another job in the company came up and I was put forward for it. 

The interview was on Thursday at 11am back at their London office.  The same nice HR lady was there, and another Partner.  I had the interview but was in and out of the building within 25 minutes so didn’t think I had done too well.  I thought that it had gone well and knew that I liked the chap interviewing and wanted the role, but the short length of the meeting worried me.  I got the train home and sulked… a lot!

I had a phone call at 3pm to say that I had the job!  It had all gone as well as I thought which is why it was so short, and that they wanted me to start on Sunday 6th February… in Dubai!  I verbally accepted the job and agreed for the nice HR lady to have my details so that she could forward the contract to me.  The tough part is that the weekends are Friday/Saturday out there so I am now having to wait until at least tomorrow for her to send the contract and offer out.  Until then my hands are a bit tied.

In the meantime, I have contacted my friends in Dubai for advice, and they have very kindly offered to put me up for a short time while I find my feet.  They are rock stars!  I have also contacted my friend in Abu Dhabi and she has been a wealth of knowledge and has offered to look out for me, and I am hugely grateful of that too.  I am learning so much from these three fabulous people that I feel so much happier about going.  I hate not knowing things so getting an insiders point of view has been invaluable.  There is only so much the Lonely Planet Guide can help… which isn’t so much yet as I have only just ordered one!!!!

I have looked at flight prices and carriers and am happy to see that (apart from the abominable British Airways), the flights are much cheaper.  This is great as it means that people can come and visit more!  Bermuda was very cost prohibitive for most.

So that is pretty much it so far.  I am researching and shopping and packing and generally trying to fit in everything I need to do in a very short period of time! 

Here is to a new adventure… cheers!!!

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  1. Justine says:

    Can’t wait to see you. Check out “Exporer, living and working in Dubai”, more informative than Lonely Planet for actually living here. Good luck. x

  2. LuLu says:

    So exciting!!!

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