OMG – this isn’t just a Mall!

The Dubai Mall… WOW.  Huge doesn’t quite cover it.

I went for a “little” explore after my work lunch.  We had lunch at a water side restaurant, which of course I can’t remember the name of now!  It was in Souk Bahar, which is a little offshoot of the Dubai Mall. 

After we were sat down and had our drinks ordered, music started pumping through the speakers.  I was a little confused until I looked out over the  lake thing and saw the dancing fountains! I obviously hadn’t read that far in my tour guide books!

It was fantastic.  The backdrop for them is the Burj Khalifa.  These fountains pulsed and sprayed in time to the music.  It lasted maybe 5 minutes and was just amazing!  Apparently it is even better at night because the fountains are lit up too.  I can’t wait to go back and see that!

(‘borrowed’ picture!)

So after lunch I walk across the bridge and head into the main mall.  I can not explain how huge it is.

I went in through the Food Court.  I had just eaten a huge lunch so skipped straight through to the elevators and found the stores!

I walked out of the elevator and straight into Fashion Avenue.  I knew there were stores like M&S and Monsoon, but what I wasn’t ready for was Chanel, YSL, D&G, etc. etc. etc.


There was a whole host of designers I had only ever read about.  I was walking around like a kid in a candy store!  I drooled through windows and had to give myself a  good talking to in my head so that I didn’t linger! 

I think I will just avoid that section from now on!

I continued walking and walking and walking.  I could have walked for hours more.  You could literally spend the day there and not see everything I think.

Randomly, they have a fountain one corner.  Stunning.

(‘borrowed’ picture!)

I did find the Gold Souk.  I had thought, until I got home and told M and G about it, that it was THE Gold Souk so I was super disappointed.  It was just a tonne of jewellery stores.  Some pretty things, some way OTT things, some just pure tack.  It was really cool to see… until I turned the corner and walked to see Tiffany, Chopard, Bulgari (can’t spell that!) and Cartier… to name a few!  That was much better.  Apart from Tiffany.  I just am not a fan.  Chopard was great though!

After another talking to, I walked off and found myself outside of the ice rink!  It was probably one of the smallest rinks I have ever seen, but just the fact there is one was enough for me!  If I hadn’t injured my ankle just before I moved here, I would have been on that ice in a heartbeat, blue wellies or no!  They even have a skate shop.  Perhaps I will finally replace my broken skates!

(‘borrowed’ picture!)

I stopped and watched for a while, and then ambled on a bit further.  I turned another corner and found the biggest fish tank I have ever seen!  this mall is so huge it has it’s own aquarium!  Insane!  It has sharks and everything… and the most giant, ugly fish I have ever seen.  It even beats the ugly fish from Bell Diving in Bermuda!

(‘borrowed’ picture!)

I picked up the price list and information leaflet because I am absolutely going back with my camera for that!!

By this point I was shattered.  I had been exploring for a good two hours by this point!  I started to try and head for a taxi point, and found Waitrose instead!  It was a great find.  I knew it was in the mall, but not where it was.  And, the best part was that it was right next to an exit with taxis!

However, it did lead to Cab Ride #2 and #3 so perhaps, in hindsight, I should have waked a bit longer!

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