More Strange Weather!

After the random blanket of fog on Friday morning (see “Crazy Weather”), Saturday started beautifully.  No fog,  no clouds, just sunshine.

I had however read in the papers that there was a giant sandstorm heading towards the UAE.  If it had continued on it’s projected path, it was due to clip the west of Abu Dhabi, leaving Dubai sand free!  After living in the place with palm trees, I am not a huge fan of “predicted paths” for storms.

Saturday morning saw me bring in everything from the patio, and secure all the doors and windows properly.  I know it sounds live over kill for a bit of sand in the air, but the winds were reported as being sustained at 80kmph.  That is lots!  Also, I haven’t got a cleaner yet so the thought of the sand blowing in my windows was a bit much for me to cope with!

Thankfully, there was no sand storm! 

(Saying that, I am quite intrigued to find out what they are like really!)

By the time we finished our shopping trip, and were driving back in the direction of home, we noticed that the sky was getting hazy, and more so the further towards home we got. 

This doesn’t cause problems, but it does create for some strange sights… or lack of them!

Can you see the buildings in the background?!

The road disappears in the distance!

You can usually see the beach from this point!

Look at the size of the sun!  Ok, so it’s just an illusion, but it’s still cool!

I do have to do a bit more research into these storms, and the effects they have.  I really know nothing about them and that is frustrating!  I mean, is it dust particles in the air that cause the haze?  Who knows.  Will let you know when I do!

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