Random Fact #1

In order to conserve water which, of course, is a precious resource in the desert, any plants or grass in areas with a low number of people walking through are watered with sewage water.


***these random facts may or may not be true… but this is what i have been told so am sharing with you***

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  1. Sydney Lawrence says:

    It does and I will. Thanks.

  2. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Oh Dear where to start. No offence meant but the reading of your comments were slightly depressing. Having visited Dubai many times (each only for short periods of time admittedly) I have always found it fabulous and fantastic.

    Indeed I class Dubai as Los Vegas and Disneyland all rolled into one. The architecture is mind boggling and cannot be challenged anywhere else in this world. The shopping super. My trip to the Dubai world racing Cup was magnificent.

    Summer is hot. The short trip to Abu Dhabi is well worth the effort. Certainly to live in a country may bring different observances that a short holiday may not reveal but your writings are very interesting and thank you for them. Best wishes and much health and happiness.

    1. Hi Sydney Lawrence,

      Thanks for reading.

      I am glad you have found Dubai to be a fantastic place for vacations. I am sure that in your short trips here, you had a fabulous time and all the random little facts that an expat discovers and lives through, didn’t really factor into your stay… Which is great news!

      I am not a tourism brochure, and have no intention of being. I had, up until June, been recording my findings upon moving to an incredibly different country and culture. I will start recording again this week – which is how come I have managed to reply to this so quickly, and will continue to record Dubai and the Emirates through the eyes of an ex-islander expat!!

      I hope this makes a little more sense now, and that you continue to read my random thoughts!!

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