The Ghetto

Ok… so maybe it wasn’t the ghetto, but on Saturday I definitely went to the seedier side of Dubai… and loved it!

Before you get all worried about my morals, it isn’t a ‘red light’ area, but the ‘genuine fake’ capital of the UAE! 

Al Karama.

I have never seen anything like it.  It was fantastic!

We started off by having lunch at a very basic Punjabi restaurant.  It was a bit scary, but the food was lovely.  That said, I have yet to find a recipe for Butter Chicken Curry that beats my ex-flat mate’s one!  I am doomed to disappointment for life!!

(Mind you, if you’re reading this chickie and want to send me the recipe, I would be eternally grateful!!)

So, after lunch we went for a look around the shops.  It was a bit intimidating to start with.  The “looky looky” men were out in force and as you walked by their shops, they would walk towards you listing what they sold.  It wasn’t too bad when the shops were only on one side, but when they were coming at you from both directions it hurt your ears a bit!

Also, does it look like I am the kind of girl who wants Juicy Coture (spelt incorrectly on purpose!) tracksuit in neon pink?  I sincerely hope not!!!

The best part of the “Looky Looky” men is their grasp of the English language.  They have learnt by watching things like ‘Only Fools & Horses and Bargain Hunt.  Cries of “cheap as chips” and “lubbly jubbly” (no, not “lovely jubbly”!) can be heard resonating around the dilapidated buildings for a good 5 block radius. 

And dilapidated it is.  This is not, dispite the amount of money being thrown around on a daily basis, a rich area.  All the money is handed over at the end of the day to the owners who are off living the life of riley somewhere.  Everywhere needs a good lick of paint, and balconys need to be made safe and secure again.  You know that these poor saps are working for a pitiful amount, and living 10 people to an apartment upstairs.   It is heartbreaking… when you are not being distracted by the rest of the sights and smells of the area.  It also makes you feel a bit mean for bartering, but then again, it is what is expected of you. 

Tough moral decision.

I really am hopeless about bartering.  I did very well and eventually got myself a lovely handbag for less than half of the original astronomical cost.  Actually, it was only because I was with my friend B and she stepped in and bought a handbag so that I could get mine!  I am very thankful to her for that!  There was a lovely pair of chanel pumps that got left behind though because I hadn’t quite got the hang of it.  I am sure that they will be there next time I go though and I will try again!

So, for anyone receiving a beautiful designer purse or wallet from now on, you pretty much are guaranteed that I took my life into my hands (maybe slightly dramatic!) and went to Al Karama to find you the perfect gift!!!

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