Full Disclosure

I have not posted on this blog for 2 months now.  This does not mean that I have been doing nothing.  It does however mean that I have been struggling to stay positive. 

I will explain…

Dubai is different to any other place I have been before.  This makes it both exciting and intimidating.  Most of all it has meant that I have been lonely.  When I am lonely, I get “low” and when I get “low” I don’t want to talk to people.  I go into self-preservation mode.  I keep correspondence and contact to the minimum because I can only smile for so long before the cracks appear.

Am I out of that now?  No, not really… but I am much better than I was.  I am out of it enough that I can see the effect it has on me, and make that conscious decision to break the pattern.  I will make an effort and be more chatty, I will update this blog (or catch up!), and I will find my happy place again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have met some fabulous people since being here, and done and seen things I didn’t think I would.  It’s just not been as easy as I thought and so it has been a test for my mental stamina!

I will hopefully catch up on this now and not miss anything out.  Time line will be slightly wonky, and things will get banded together, but it will mostly be there and that’s what is important!!!

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