Random Pictures

Rather than try to catch up on anything, I figured that a random bunch of pics would help explain!

I don’t know who to credit this one to as it’s stolen from the internet!  We had about a week of really heavy fog in the mornings, and this is the arial view of that.  Kinda cool, right!

Foggy Much?!

One of my favourite pictures so far this year.  If we had lined the horns up properly, it would have been perfect!  Drinks at Toro Toro, at The Grovesnor.  Very good and we will absolutely be returning!

Girls or devils?!

Part of Eid Al Fitr was spent at the Habtoor Grand, and their pool bar was lovely! Giant mocktails, but you couldn’t drink out in the open so had to stay at the swim up bar. Oh ok… if I must!

Club Tropicana Drinks are (alcohol) Free!

Trip back to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  It is still spectacular.  I am not sure that will ever fade for me.  Anyway, as for the pic… if I wasn’t a giant, you would never be able to pick me out of the line up on this one!

Guess Who?!

Rugby World Cup.  Should be more frequent than every 4 years.  England should also get a decent team and stop holding onto the has-beens just because they’re beloved.  Grr.  Bloody well done to New Zealand though.  Well deserved.

Giant balls... hahahaha!!!

Got to love  Barasti for pure cheese!  The Macarena… say no more!! 

Uh oh!

Girls day trip to Ajman started this new look and call sign!

"Road Trip... Woo Hoo"

Went back to Karama and found my new friend Louis.  We love Louis.  He is great fun and he looks great while tanning!

Louis, getting his tan on!

There was a polo exhibition game (ADBank v Este Lauder) held in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Fabulous day, and a worthwhile cause.

The Winning Team

 Canadian Thanksgiving dinner chez moi!

Hitting a food coma at the memory!

And finally…

I am now working on the Client Relations side of things at work, and this was the setting for one of my events this week.  It was very nice indeed!

Qamardeen Hotel poolside.

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  1. madryy says:

    Nice shots! And to the macarena, cheese indeed!

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