Tanning Time

What’s a girl to do with her weekend when she’s not drinking and is trying to save all her energy for her 2 guests that arrive this week?  Having thought long and hard, the answer has to be laying around in the sun being incredbly lazy!

That is exactly what I did yesterday at the beach at Barasti.  Barasti is one of the more popular beach bars here in Dubai.  It has a restaurant that does very good food, BBQ’s that smell devine, they have an area for live music, they have a GIANT screen for sports, and it has a beach club area with loungers and waiter service.  Genuis or what?!  Also, since the Dubai Boat Show is next week, there were some pretty little boats to watch as I laid there:

Today however, I am feeling lazy.  I think I am going to just stay by my building’s pool.  It’s not pretty, and it’s not heated, but I have my apartment upstairs and with a bathroom and a fridge, and there are no sleezy dudes hanging around.  Much easier!!

Wherever in the world you are today, make sure you find time to do some relaxing too!

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