Dubai’s Friday tradition is brunch. New Yorkers brunch on Sundays. Bermudians brunch on Sundays. Londoners never make it out of bed before lunch times at the weekends so invariably have a late lunch for breakfast which could be classed as brunch. Dubai-ites have Friday brunch, and I am guessing very little in the world compares….


I used to be able to gossip(/bitch!) about work, and co-workers, now I can’t. Firstly, my boss is lovely. She is tough, and will tell you straight when she is unhappy, but I completely respect that. She is a really nice person and doing a fantastic job. Secondly, I like the work I am doing….


I started a new blog on Sunday, because I want to be completely anonymous. ┬áDon’t worry… it’s nothing I could get in trouble for or anything, but just like a diary I guess so I don’t want people I know to read it! My question is this…. how long does it take for someone to…

Site Stats

I have just discovered the coolest new tool on here! I somehow managed to click on stats (which I hadn’t found before!) and not only does it tell you how often you have been viewed, and breaks it down to posts (295 on my busiest day – random!), but now it even tells you which…

A Touch of Kindness!

So, it was my birthday yesterday. I have come into work today, and am working my behind off, as normal. But then the two housemaids came into my “office”, and they had a gift for me. They had clubbed together to get me a bracelet for my birthday. It’s nearly broken me! I am not…