Dubai’s Friday tradition is brunch.

New Yorkers brunch on Sundays. Bermudians brunch on Sundays. Londoners never make it out of bed before lunch times at the weekends so invariably have a late lunch for breakfast which could be classed as brunch.

Dubai-ites have Friday brunch, and I am guessing very little in the world compares.

Today, I am celebrating my birthday at Al Qsar’s brunch. Widely recognised as the biggest of the brunch offerings, it’s a firm favourite, from the champagne (not sparking wine) on arrival, to stumbling off your Choo’s on the way out.

For AED525 (just under £100), you get to drink (alcohol of every imaginable combination) and eat (anything you can see from their award winning, 5* restaurants), in the highest quantity you can manage, between the hours of 12.30 and 4pm.

The die hard brunchers even stock up on beverages pre-last orders, so they don’t have to move anywhere until gone 5. Why? Because bars (most of them anyway) are dry between 4pm and 6pm. It is the holy day afterall!

It’s a binger’s paradise.

So, I will take pictures all day, and post tomorrow. This place has to be seen to be believed!

(Ok… Tomorrow may be a bit optimistic as the day after brunch is always a write off for me!!)

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