Who was that horrible song by? I hated it. Annoying music that was a throw back to raves (is anyone else haunted by whistles?!), and atrocious lyrics. “I can’t get no sleep”. Isn’t that a double negative?! Ugh!!

Anyway, I digress.

Insomnia is an often overused word, which is now losing meaning. I really don’t know how people who suffer from it seriously, cope?

I am one of those people that are helping take away the seriousness of the word/problem/medical thingie. However, for someone who needs a good 9hrs sleep or she turns into the devil incarnate, I feel it’s warranted!

I stayed up until gone midnight watching Dexter (if you don’t watch it, I assure you it’s worth the price of the box sets!), and then at a little past 4am, my eyes twitched open. Gah!

It’s now around 6am. I have read my emails. I had an email to say I had been endorsed on LinkedIn, so checked that out, and nosed around there a bit. I checked Facebook and had a chat with a couple of friends. I have been on Twitter and caught up on tweets tweeted in the last few hours. I even tweeted some celebs who will never acknowledge my existence. I have scanned the headlines on 2 news sites – thank goodness Duchess Katherine appears to be improving, poor lamb. And finally, I have not only written this blog post, but a post on my super secret dieting blog.

2hrs and so much done. Why can’t I be this productive at work?!

So then onto why I can’t sleep…. Boy drama? Work stress? Financial crisis? Family issues? Body dysmorphia? Christmas over-excitement? Holiday fever? Making to do lists? Crazy dreams?

Tick all but the body dysmorphia (I am well aware how overly curvy I am, hence the top secret diet blog while I do battle with the wobbly bits!!), and you’d be right!!

I am going to lay here in the dark (yay for black out blinds!) until at least 8am in the hope that I sleep again. I don’t have to be anywhere until lunch time, and if I have a burger for breakfast, well, it will just give me something else to blog about!!

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