I Dreamed A Dream

A 9yr old me heard Aspects of Love’s “Love Changes Everything”, and got my first vocal crush on the singer Michael Ball.

A 11yr old me heard that Michael Ball was representing us in the Eurovision Song Contest.  I bought the single and I stayed up to watch him cruelly pipped for 1st place by some Irish bint who was completely dull and forgettable.

A 30yr old me heard that Michael Ball was appearing in Hairspray and my wonderful mother bought tickets.  Sadly I moved to Dubai just weeks before the day.  Mum loved it though!!

A 33yr old me spent 2 blissful hours listening to my first crush sing his heart out at Yas Island’s Du Forum last night.

Was it worth the wait?

HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His voice is like warm honey…  Its rich, sweet, soothing and addictive.  His stage presence is immense and it doesn’t let you rest on the emotional rollercoaster he brings you through.  You wouldn’t want it to either.  You do not want to miss one second of his beautiful performance.

Highlights of the performance were plentiful.  It also must be said that the orchestra were exceptional, as were the guest singers.

However, my top 4 (I couldn’t whittle it down anymore!) moments were:

In 4th Place – The Prayer, performed with Alice Fearn.  It’s one of my favourites, and it was wonderful to hear it live.

In 3rd Place – Songs from ‘Les Misérables’.  Yes, I was the chick in the 2nd row who had tears flowing freely as I held my breath so as not to miss a second of it!  Pure bliss.  Could only have been made better by being sat front and centre!

(As an aside: Hugh Jackman should beg forgiveness for his performance in the film – well, they all should except for Colm Wilkinson who showed them all up, and Anne Hathaway for her acting not vocals!  Hugh should listen to Michael Ball to hear how it should be done and then never attempt to reprise those songs as long as he lives.  Rant over.)

In 2nd Place – Surprisingly, not Les Mis (which I thought before going in, would get 1st place) but a haunting performance of Memory from Cats.  Always in my head that will be an Elaine Paige song, so when the music started up, I was a little unsure.  I can happily say it is now my number 1 performance of that song, ever.  Good luck anyone trying to take that title away!!

In 1st Place – ONE STEP OUT OF TIME!!!!!!!!  I wasn’t expecting it and quite possibly squeaked very loudly when it was announced!  It was just awesome!  A dream come true!!

So, thank you Michael Ball and Flash Entertainment for making my dreams come true after 22yrs.


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  1. Justina! says:

    Glad you enjoyed hunni! xx

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