Clever TV

So, I have moved into a new apartment and for the first time in my adult life, it is unfurnished and I find myself having to spend a ridiculous amount of money setting up.  With this in mind, I decided to buy a decent tv as I would be spending lots of nights in over the next couple of months!!

I popped along to Sharaf DG and ambled around the store looking like a confused and scared child.  I really do not understand technological stuff!  The very nice sales person spotted me and could obviously see that I was like a duck out of water, and continued to speak to me the way you would when trying to explain something difficult to a 2yr old.  It was perfect!  It all started to make sense, and within no time, I had bought myself a pretty tv!  It turns out it was called a Smart TV because it has inbuilt wifi and you can do internet type things on it!  How clever is that!!

Thankfully, Sharaf DG also offer a delivery and installation service!  Just what I needed!

A couple of days after my purchase, the tv was delivered and the nice man came to set it up.  Only no one had explained that I needed to have my cable tv and internet set up before he could do his thing.  You would think that would be logical, but alas, not to me.

So, 2 days later, the cable company came in and set up everything they needed to do, and then on Friday, the nice tv engineer came back and set up everything.  In his own time.  Bless him!  He even set up my DVD player which I bought 3yrs ago and have never used because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it!!

In conclusion… Smart TV’s rock.  Sharaf DG has the best service in town.  And, I give blondes a bad name!!

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