So, today’s rant is about Emirates Skywards miles, or airmiles to those who may be unfamiliar with Emirates.

In theory, this is a great scheme. You fly with them, they give you ‘miles’ which you can redeem at a later date. There is a shop you can buy branded products in, or you can upgrade, or for a bazillion ‘miles’, you get a “free” flight.

Except, every time I have called to enquire about an upgrade, there are none available.

So, can someone please tell me what the point actually is?!

I know I am on a busy route, and I always fly overnight which is busier, apparently, but seriously people!?!?!

Maybe I just have the worst airline luck ever. 6yrs after flying BA a min of 3 times a year, I never once was upgraded either!!

Oh well… 8hrs stuck in a seat that isn’t actually long enough to accomodate my legs, again, won’t hurt any more than normal!

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