MFT 2014 Review: Trader Vic’s, Festival City

After a very testing morning (translated to: IKEA visit), Mum and I took a walk down to Trader Vic’s. It is becoming a bit of a habit for post-Hell/IKEA shopping days!

As usual, the service was exceptionally slow but so friendly and nice when you were actually served, somehow you just don’t seem to mind!

The choice of dish for me was easy… all in fried rice. I had it last time I was there and it is delicious. The rice is packed full of vegetables, chicken, veal and prawns. It is light and fluffy, and isn’t drowning in oil as so many are. Yum!!

Mum struggled with her decision somewhat. She in the end opted for chicken noodles. That was until the next table’s order was laid out. They had ordered the beef rib special, which happened to be Mum’s other choice. Thankfully, the lovely waiter helped us cancel her original selection and have the ribs instead. It was a good decision too. They were apparently delicious! The meat easily fell from the bone, was tender and had a really good natural flavour. The bbq sauce was warming and sticky and good, and not at all vinegar-y which a lot of them are at the moment. The sides of mashed potato and salad were also both well presented and tasty. A complete hit!!

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 9/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10 – It can be a bit expensive, but we used The Entertainer vouchers and so one of the two main course was removed from the bill.

Cost: AED ??? – Can’t remember but it was a good price with the vouchers!

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