Mocktails, Lights and Pools

Just down the road from me is a lovely hotel called Vida. It used to have another name, but I can’t for the life of me remember it! Anyway, it’s literally half way between my friend’s apartment and mine, so we have voted it out new meeting place of choice.

Why? Easy… because it’s pretty!!

The setting is stunning. You are sat around a pool which is lit up both under water, and there are lamp thingies around the sides too. The palm trees with the fairy lights are just about visible over the back wall. The bar is lit up too. And the best bit is that there are beds/loungers all around the pool to chill out on. They are draped and laid so prettily!

It’s a little oasis in the middle of the very busy area of Downtown.

My favourite drink of the moment is the Apple Julip – a blend of apple, mint, oj and other stuff! There is an extensive drinks menu both with and without alcohol. There is also a snacks menu which I haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

I absolutely love it here. You can unwind and catch up with your friends, and are never bothered by the staff. If you call them over, they either come straight away or apologise for the delay when they arrive. They are always friendly and polite.

Please don’t let anything change!!!

(I know, before you say anything… I need to work on my photography skills!!!)



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