So, following the Taste of Dubai, Mummy and I have had a cooking few days!

One of my all-time favourite dishes of hers is a very simple chicken casserole. I have watched her make it hundreds of times, and I have her recipe, but I am never able to make it half as good!! After a weekend of eating randomly and really missing veggies, it was the perfect tonic. After watching Jean-Christophe Novelli in action, she took great pride in telling me that there was no additional fat in the whole giant casserole, which she served with mashed potato (see below note!) and brocoli. It was possibly one of the best things I have eaten in a very long time. Delicious!!

Actually, I made the mashed potato as mine is awesome! Probably more calories in there than anywhere else, but it’s delicious so I just don’t care!!

Then, we made a carrot cake. I have no idea if it was good or not because I don’t actually eat cake at all. However, due to my allergies, no nuts are added. This was pointed out by a couple of my coworkers who were force-fed cake for a couple of days!

The icing was a butter/cream cheese icing with lemon juice and rind. I must remember to only use a quarter or half lemon next time. Thankfully it freezes nicely and so I didn’t waste an entire bag of icing sugar!

As for the decoration, it wasn’t a cup cake so I couldn’t try out the new technique I had learned from Eric Lanlard’s master class. So, instead, I just did my own thing. This involved slapping icing on top in a very haphazard fashion. Then, when a little more care had been put into spreading it around (otherwise your cake crumbles at the edges and you get crumbs everywhere), taking the back of a spook and swirling round in circles until you have a pattern you like the look of mostly!

Not world-class presentation, but the coworkers appear to have enjoyed it…. after I cut it into slices as apparently boys are too lazy to go into the kitchen and cut a slice for themselves!!!


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