Festival of Lights

Really, this blog post is going to be a bunch of photos!

Dubai is hosting a Festival of Lights in Downtown at the moment. http://www.dubaifestivaloflights.com/

There are 32 installations/features. Some are amazing. Some are entirely pointless in my personal opinion. Perhaps I just don’t understand art. In fact, my best friend has been telling me that for years so it must be true. Doesn’t change the fact that some of these are naff beyond all measure!!

Anyway… Here are a few pics and opinions!!

Most entertaining:


Luminous Algae (My Name: Dancing Peas, or, The Peas That Dance)


I hate peas. It’s pretty much the only vegetable in the world that I cannot stand. I hate that everyone puts them in everything and that they are always offered on an English style roast dinner. They are nasty little popping balls of goo. Blugh. However, I do love this installation! Mum and girlfriends of mine have also been amused by it as it reminded them of me!! Also, the day we saw it, there was real movement there as there was quite a breeze going!!!!


My Top 3 Picks:


Mysticete (My Name: Relaxing Wales)


THE BEST, by far! Totally my favourite. I have loved whales forever, and spent many a day in Bermuda on my deck watching out for them to swim by. This amazing feature just made me smile and smile and smile! If there is a prize at the end of this week, my vote is the whales get it!!


The world according to Piet (My Name: Lego Town)


I really like this and think it should stay all year. It makes that building much more entertaining to look at! It simple but effective, and it makes me smile. That’s all. No logical reason past that!!


The Anookis (My Name: Cute Eskimo People)


This reminded me lots of an annoying game my sister used to kick my ass at regularly. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was called, but with the blocks and the bouncing ball it just made me think of it. However, this is with the addition of the adorable little Eskimo people! I loved them and their funny sounds!! Super cute!!


Notable Others:


Elephantastik (My Name: Elephant)


I love elephants.  They are so regal and majestic.  I love this image.


Vertigo (My Name: The Spinney One)


This is just awesome to watch.  It is interesting and perfectly in time with the music.  It’s fun!!  We like!!


Mikado (My Name: The pools)


Stunning.  So much going on in this area, and it all works so well together.  This, as an area, works so well and is my favourite.


Keyframes (My Name: Falling People)


This is a funny one…. it doesn’t work when you stand close to it at all.  But, you can hear the music.  You can also just about hear it when you stand at the other side of the Boulevard, but it still isn’t impressive.  If you stand at Burj Lake and watch, it’s fabulous but you can’t hear it.  Difficult.


#EpicFail Top 4 Picks:


Moving (My Name: don’t have one because it was dull)


It was all very skillfully matched up to the face of the building, and the music was pretty, but the light show was dull.


Star Fisherman (My Name: ditto last remark)


The nets were nice and twinkly, but that’s the only positive I have. Dull.


Big Bag (My Name: Yeah… ditto again)


It’s a big bag and it floats and changes colour. That’s it. I don’t get it.


Serenade (My Name: And ditto, again)


It wasn’t interesting or innovative.  Boring.



There are a bunch more pieces that I have seen, and there are some which I still haven’t, but I have had a good time walking around and seeing them!  It’s something different to do, and it gets people out walking which I always need assistance with!!!!!!

I highly recommend you all get your asses out of your air-conditioned apartments and take a walk and enjoy the show!!!


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