UAE Mother’s Day

As Mummy is out here visiting, I felt the need to celebrate!  We had SUCH a lovely day at Fairmont Palm!


We started in the Willow Stream Spa.  I have long been a fan of the Willow Stream spas as we used to go regularly in Bermuda’s Fairmont Southampton.  In fairness, you cannot beat the views from that particular spa.  It overlooks Bermuda’s stunning South Shore and has outdoor lounging areas and hot tubs.  However, the interior of the one at Fairmont Palm is by far the nicest I have ever seen.

Aside the beautiful colour scheme, it’s just that everything was thought of!  There were even spare spectacles so if you had forgotten yours, you could still read!  How clever is that!!!  Also, a selection of beverages and snacks, with staff on hand to assist in any way they can and always with a giant smile to greet you!  It really is such a wonderful place!!

IMG_3453 IMG_3455

We arrived early so we could make the most of the relaxing day.  We were lucky enough to have got there in time to bag one of the balcony’s so we could lay and read out books in the fresh air.  Because of the way the building is facing, we weren’t in the direct sunlight either which was a bonus when we didn’t think to bring sun lotion!

About an hour before our treatment, we decided to go and explore the other facilities in the spa, whereupon we found 3 “experience” showers!  They were so much fun!  I think they are meant to massage or something?  Who knows!  I just find rainfall and waterfall showers the most relaxing things and could have spent an age in there!  We then spent a little time in the steam room too, but it was too hot for me, so I retreated back to my favourite shower!

After drying off back on the balcony, we were greeted and bought round to the treatment room, which was beautiful and so comfortable!  It also had a lovely view over the beach.  Sadly we only had half hour massages but we both absolutely floated out of there!

Sadly, our relaxation and floatyness wasn’t to last for long as I had managed to only leave half an hour between the end of treatment and the start of Afternoon Tea!  Oops!

Quick shower and change, throwing make up in the general right direction, and dragging a comb through my hair would just have to do!!

We arrived at the Al Mashrabiya Lounge and were shown to our table fairly quickly.  When we arrived, the lovely waitress asked if we wanted our table in the current configuration, or if we would prefer the bigger and more comfortable chairs.  We of course opted for the big chairs and when it was all moved about (which she would not accept our assistance in doing), we settled down for our tea.

The tea and coffee selection are beautifully set out, but typically, Mum plumped for Jasmine Tea and me for Peppermint!  Creatures of habit!!

IMG_3463 IMG_3464

At this point, I would like to say that I had a whole bunch of issues stemming from my food intolerance and allergies.  I would go into detail but a) the staff were all so lovely and helpful and b) everything got sorted in the end.

Mum, who had the regular afternoon tea, had no problems whatsoever, except that she is a human and not a cow and therefore only has one stomach.  She would have liked the two as she enjoyed everything she tasted and would have liked a lot more!!  Equally, by the time I had sampled everything I was offered, I wished I had two stomaches as well!


What a wonderful day!  But, how do I top that for English Mother’s Day?!!?



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