Chocoholics Paradise

Or, a recovering sugar addict’s hell!!

Each month my coworker and I top up one whole drawer of the fridge with chocolate goodies so that the boys don’t get too cranky in the afternoons.

However this is absolute torture for me, a sugar addict in recovery, well… I totally fell off the wagon this week, but will get back on it again!!

This week we didn’t have quite so many options, but we managed a good selection still. If anyone in Dubai sees mini-CurlyWhirleys though, please let me know! They are the boss man’s favourites!

On the plus side, I have convinced them to have a Fruit drawer too. On Saturday I will go and by a few tempting fruits to see if I can get them to be a little healthier. It’s unlikely to work, but we can always try! I have no doubt it won’t look as good and as mouth-wateringly appetising as our current treat drawer though…


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