UK Mother’s Day

Last weekend we had celebrated the UAE’s Mother’s Day. Naturally, it didn’t mean that I would let UK Mother’s Day go by without a little fanfare… after all, I am blessed to have one of the most amazing Mum’s in the world! Hands up who can honestly say that having their mother stay with them for 9 weeks isn’t enough to send them reaching for the gin whilst wondering how many hair plugs would be needed to repair the damage of all the tearing out of hair!??!

Anyway, enough bragging…

Unfortunately Mother’s Day is always a Sunday in the UK, and as I live in the UAE, that means it’s a work day. I did however bring Mummy a cup of tea and her cards and pressies in bed, and then nipped home at lunch time to spend a little more time with her.

The main treat was that night though. I had booked to take her to one of my favourite restaurants in Dubai… Thiptara at The Palace Hotel!

I was introduced to this little gem a couple of years back when I had a work function, and I am so pleased I now live within walking distance!

Not only is the food outstanding, but the service is too. Also, with a backdrop of the Fountains and Burj Khalifa, what’s not to love?!

I honestly could go on and on about how pretty the hotel and the grounds are, and how amazing the restaurant is, but it would start to sound like an advertisement. There is literally not one thing that I can moan about… except that whole not being a cow with two stomaches thing! In fairness, we did manage to polish off everything that we ordered which was no mean feat as the portions are very generously sized. It is a little pricy, but again, entirely worth every penny/fil.

I would like a moment to say that every single time I go, and no matter who I am with and what they order, everyone is very pleased with their order. There has never been a complaint. They are also very good about allergies.  All their staff have been trained, and they absolutely always double-check with the chef so that he is aware, and come back to confirm. Seriously, I cannot recommend this place enough!!

The icing on the cake for this Mother’s Day is that my sister’s best friend was in Dubai for work, and managed to come and join us! We have known her since she was in infants school, and her and my sister have retained a lovely relationship all these years. We are so lucky to have this intelligent, strong and beautiful woman in our lives… even when it’s always somewhat of a whirlwind when we get to see her!

Thank you to everyone who made Mummy’s Mother’s Day the success it was! Mostly Mummy though, because if she wasn’t who she is, then no one would put in the effort that they do!

Love you Mummy!! xxx

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