Heavenly Hair

I had a wedding to go to last weekend and being English, I needed a hat.  Sadly, it’s just too hot for a proper hat so off I went and bought a fascinator.  (See my next post!)

I picked the perfect one to go with my outfit, but then decided that I couldn’t possibly have my hair down as there was too much of it!  This posed its own issues as I possess pretty much zero girl skills when it comes to hair.  I high-five myself if I remember to dry it before leaving the house.

Cue mad panic to find a hairdresser.  All the people I have used before were busy, and as a last minute act of desperation, I booked into Jet Set at Emirates Towers despite no one I know having used them.

You know what?  That is a good thing because I can now say I discovered one of the best stylists in Dubai!

Stylianos is a Hair God.  It’s official.

I don’t know what more to say really!  I went in just knowing I wanted it up, but not really tight back from my face, and something “now” but fairly simple so it did not fight with the fascinator, but not boring as the fascinator wasn’t either.

Can you translate that!?  I probably wouldn’t be able to if it wasn’t coming out of my head!!

But he did.  And the results were spectacular……


Sadly, classy as I looked, I did not stay that way all night and figured I should take random ridiculous photos of myself…


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