Lists & Bacon

I love lists.  I always have and I always will.  Writing everything down makes me feel comforted.  I know I can’t forget anything then.  The best part however is when you get to tick things off that list!

Yeah… I have issues… I know.

It is however great being me just now as I have lots of lists on the go:

What to pack to go on holiday

What to buy when I am on holiday

Things to do and places to go on holiday

Things to do at home before I go on holiday

Things to do at work before I go on holiday


These are the ad hoc lists, obviously as I do not go on holiday every week.  My favourite of the regular lists is the grocery list.  It very rarely gets used as I change my mind from one second to the next as to what I want to eat.   I always fill it out though, just in case!

On today’s list is: bacon, large onion and toothpicks.  Random, I know, but I found this amazing new recipe that I absolutely have to try:

I think the results are going to be absolutely amazing.  I also think I am going to alter it slightly and make it bbq’able.  I can’t have a bbq here (apartment living) but I do have some lined up when I am home!  I think it would be a great and surprising dish to bring to a bbq, alongside my fabulous and famous potato salad, of course!!

So, now all I have to do is count down the next 6rs until I am able to get to the store and purchase my ingredients!!

(This is going to be such a long day.)

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