The Early Morning Swim Log

A few weeks ago, my friend Justine and I got a fabulous idea into our heads to go swimming every morning before work.

It all stemmed from the fact that I had swum two lengths of a hotel pool and my lungs nearly collapsed!  I am just not a natural swimmer.  I in fact really do not like it at all.  Pools are for tanning around, and dunking yourself to cool down.  But, one of my greatest fears is that I will have children and not be able to help them if them if they were to get in trouble in the water.  Ok, so the likelihood of me having children is getting smaller every day, but I am keeping positive!!

That thought, coupled with an abundance of ‘wobbly bits’ was enough to spur me into action.

The first session Justine and I went for was torturous.  I swam 10 lengths in 30 minutes.  I had to pause at the end of every one to be able to catch my breath.  It was a constant fight to stay with my head above water.  I mean ‘head above water” literally. I cannot put my face in the water so do some form of strange breast stroke style of swim!!

Three weeks on and I can honestly say that I have not been every day.  There has been hangovers, hangovers, and general misery which have kept me away.

Today however, was the 2nd day back in to it and I feel really good for it!  Not only did I manage 14 lengths in 15 minutes, which is a vast improvement, but it really has given me a better start to the day! I am much more cheery than normal!!

I am not advocating everyone gets up and swims.  It’s too cold and not everyone has access to a pool.  I am not even advocating getting up and going for a walk or anything.  You know how your body works best and if that is with a bucket of coffee chucked down your throat to get you up and moving, then yay for you!  I am just super chuffed that I can notice a difference in my mentality.  Now, all I need is to notice is the difference to my ass!!

Oh… it helps that we have a super pretty pool……..


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