The Cinema

Hold onto your hats people… I have news… I went to the cinema!

That’s right!  Me!  I went!

I know to those of you who randomly stumble across this post, you won’t see what the big deal is, but anyone who knows me knows I am so not a movie go-er.  There is very few things that I would actively go to the cinema to see.  In fact, I can hardly think of anything!

Things I do love about the cinema here which will make me go more often is “Business”, “Gold”, and my personal favourite, “Platinum” classes.  Its not your average movie theatre.  There is leg room, and arm rests and butler service, not to mention blankets and pillows!  I totally can deal with that!!  Also, no one here flinches when you ask for a 50/50 sweet/salted split for your popcorn!

Yesterday we went to see The Judge starring Robert Downey Jnr. which was the perfect escape from the revolting pool day we attempted to have.

The movie was fantastic.  It made me laugh and cry and totally crush on RDJ.  Those eyelashes are just to die for.  Anyway, I digress… Absolutely awesome movie.  It wasn’t full of special effects and big booms, nor sex and drugs.  It was a good story, well told, and beautifully acted.  Can we have more of these types of movies please, Hollywood?

Much as I enjoyed the whole experience, I would have been just as happy to watch it on my tv.  I am never going to be a movie house convert!!

One down side to Marina Mall’s cinema though… they had no edamame which I was totally craving.  Dubai Mall cinema wins!!

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