You’re welcome, ladies!!

So, I decided that today should be about promoting people who I like! I have already told you all about the hugely talented photographer friend I have in my last post.  Now is the turn of someone who I very much admire for very different reasons….

Gary “Leo” Taylor.  Or, The Iron Cowboy.

Let me get this part out of the way first: I have a mahoosive crush on this guy.

Now that is said, let me tell you why, because past #1 some of this may surprise you…

1.  Obviously, he is strikingly good looking.  Beautiful soulful eyes and a killer smile.  He also has a rocking body.

2.  He trains tirelessly and I find that kind of dedication to anything a very attractive feature.

3.  He takes time to give people encouragement and inspiration, despite being exhausted from his schedule.

4.  From what I can work out, he lost his home in a tornado and has recently lost his job too.  Instead of bitching and moaning, he is pushing hard to keep going and to stay positive.  I don’t know if I could, so good on him.

5.  He has 2 beautiful children who are very obviously the centre of his universe.  Nothing is more attractive than love.

6.  He is humble and slightly awkward.  You would think looking the way he does, he would have the biggest ego ever.  Maybe he does, but that is not how he comes across.

7.  He has to deal with all kinds of people on social media.  Some are mean, some are bitchy, some are plain rude.  He does so without being nasty or negative.  He also has to deal with some rather, ummm, “forward” ladies and manages to deal with them with manners too!  Or at least, he laughs about it all!

and finally…

8.  Back to basics: His accent and voice are dreamy.

So, why am I telling you all this?  Easy… because this man needs a lot more recognition.  I think that if each one of his fans took 5 minutes to promote him in a non-sleezy way, he could go far.

Basically, I think that Gary “Leo” Taylor/The Iron Cowboy has what it takes to be an internationally recognized personality.  In my opinion, he has buckets of charisma and the aforementioned sex appeal.  You put those two together and magic happens.

So, let’s do it!  Let us get the lovely man a little more recognition.  I want to because he has unknowingly picked me up when I was crashing a couple of times.  I cannot be the only one.  I want to give back to him a little of the positive energy he has given me.

Who is in?

P.S.  I purposely have not shared any pics of him on this page. His face and body are his own personal intellectual property.  He is the only one that should really be able to share it with a wide audience, and I know that the readership of this post will be huge.

If you want to check out his work, please connect with him at the following places:

Instagram: @the_ironcowboy



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