Teaching Jessica Simpson

We have just bought on a new receptionist at work, who is utterly adorable.  At 24yrs old, my 11yr “advantage” on her makes me feel the following things, dependent on the day:

1.  Old, fat and frumpy – she quite literally looks like a young Jessica Simpson;

2.  Like a big sister – who encourages you to buy ridiculous clothes and have funky hair and nails; and

3.  Like a mother hen – when she was unwell the other week, I found myself channeling my inner Mummy and making sure she knew how to get better.

It’s quite nice really.  I enjoy her company and her non-cynical way of looking at things. She is all sparkly and un-jaded, and a bit like a bouncy puppy!  I would like to say that this enthusiasm wears off on me, but that would be a lie.  Its just novel and nice to witness!

Today was a new feeling though.  That of a teacher.

I have been doing this job for longer than I care to think about, and one of the annoying tasks has always been teaching new people how to do things.  They ask things like “why” and I don’t know what to say other than “it’s just how it’s done so just do it”.  Then I sound all grouchy and mean, which I genuinely am not.  I just hate training.

Today was different though.  We had to go through a procedure that I am not a fan of, and a form that I think is ridiculous, but it is part of what we do so we must just suck it up.  That was my planned response to any questions.

Except something strange happened… I found that I wanted to be able to explain in as clear way as possible, using examples and stories and memory tools.  I think this was part selfish because questions that I have already answered 5 times before drive me nuts, but part of it was a real desire to see her do as well as possible.

Anyway, it worked!  We got through it!  She had no questions, and she knew what to do well enough to walk away and go through the same arduous procedure for another client!

I am high fiving her for not being as dumb as Jessica Simpson for sure, but also for myself for being able to teach in a way that she understood and absorbed.

It was a great feeling.

We then decided on which nail varnish combo I need to wear for Halloween.  Essential stuff.

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