To Monica Lewinsky, with love xx

The name is so famous, I don’t need to try and explain who she is.

What many of you may not know is that Miss Lewinsky made her first public speech this week.  16 years after her life was blown apart.

What an eloquent, elegant, proud, intelligent, strong and beautiful woman.

To view her full speech, which I implore everyone to do, please click here.

I want to take a moment to apologise to her right now.

Although it is no excuse with hindsight, I was 18yrs old in 1998 (I think) and as immature as any 18yr old is.  I was one of those people who sniggered at the jokes.  I had no comprehension of what she went through.  I had only just got a cell phone, and had no idea how to use the internet!  Wow… shocking long time ago!  In fact, until today when I went on wiki to make sure I had her name right, I didn’t have a clue half the things that came out at the time.

Anyway… Monica:

I am sorry that I was one of the billions who victimized you further.

I really had no comprehension until last night exactly what you had gone through.  I don’t think many people could.  I was bullied at high school, and have been by people I have worked for since, and that was bad enough.  Your analogy of one person drowning in 60ft of water and one drowning in 30ft means that both still drown is true.  However, I went home and escaped my bullies.  Even in the sanctuary of your own home you were bombarded.

I doubt that there are many women alive who haven’t suffered from a crush on their boss.  Or, on a married man.  That is powerful enough, but when it is the charismatic and attractive President of the United States of America?  I cannot imagine.  As an adult, who is not without errors in judgment, I want to give the 24yr old Monica such a huge hug.  I still want to hug the 41yr old Monica.

I don’t think lying under oat is ever the right thing to do, but I can see why that was a logical move in your mind at the time.  I am just saddened that it escalated so badly.  No one (well, maybe some) remembers the name of the girl who submitted the original complaint.  Everyone remembers you.  It’s just not fair.

I hope that  you are able to move forward and use your horrific experience to reduce or eradicate cyber bulling with your work as an ambassador for the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

I hope you find love and fulfillment.

I hope you accept this apology.

With love xx


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  1. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Monica Lewinski is one fabulous woman. She did no more than millions of other girls around the world do, she fell in love. She is stunning in her delivery and explanation of what happened to her and her sad abandonment, and evil castigation, by others. Monica has come through the worst that fellow humans can deliver and has triumphed as a marvellous and wonderful person and an example to us all.

  2. Ren says:

    I am actually speechless… I know, not something that happens often, but there you go… I will deny it in public should it ever come out… Wink, wink!!

    Yes, how incredibly easy it is today to destroy anyone with the power of social media and the internet… Can you imagine being 24, just getting grips with the turmoil puberty put you through, and suddenly you are hated by almost every single person in the new world, for being human, for being just one of the millions living your life and running the risk of love… Like the normal risks are not petrifying enough…

    I want to stand with “Blond on the move” today and also apologies for my share in the increasingly pain inflicted on your in 1998… Having also been 24 at the time, it seemed such a “thing for the grownups”, not even thinking twice that that poor girl on the receiving end was exactly the same age as me…

    I salute you! and your balls to stand up today and openly face this bully that hurt you so badly so many years ago. You might have lost the fight that day, but you have won the war today.

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