Stylianos – The Absolute BEST in Dubai

I want to brag for a moment.  Yep, brag.  Why?  Because I am a very lucky girl!  I stumbled across one of those super rare finds… a good hairdresser!  No, wait… an amazing hairdresser!  I kid you not!

Now you Dubai ladies have picked yourself up off the floor, read on…

Stylianos is based at JetSet Jumeirah Emirates Towers and he is fabulous!  What makes him even more awesome is that he does make up just as good as he does hair!

I am well known for being an absolute bitch about my hair.  I am so fussy and picky that one very experienced and high profile hairdresser refused to work with me ever again because she was an absolute wreck the whole time in case she did something wrong.  Everyone will agree I am not mean, but I know exactly what I want and I have a very precise eye.

When I first let Stylianos properly cut my hair, my mother, sister and a few very good friends turned off their phone as they didn’t want to deal with the aftermath of yet another disastrous hair experience.  He had trimmed my hair before, but this was different.  He had free reign to create a cut that would suit me without any in-put from me.

When they eventually turned their phones back on and found a pic of me smiling a big happy smile, with Stylianos alive and well, there was a huge collective sigh of relief.  Even funnier was that photo being shown to an old hairdresser and them refusing to believe it and demanding it be sent to her so she could show the rest of the salon staff who remembered me.  Oops!

I have blogged in the past about fabulous hair that he has done for me for events (here and here), and this Halloween was no different.  In fact, the time I had in the salon was quite literally the highlight of my day!

I don’t know what he charges because I generally put my hands over my ears and just pass over the credit card.  Whatever it is though, it is entirely worth it.  Not only do you come out looking a million bucks, but the genius of him is that you feel it too.  That is a feeling that money can apparently buy so I am doing it every time I need a bit of a boost!!

Now, I am just going to add a bunch of pics so you can see what he can do!!

image1 photo 7 photo 3photo7photo9photo8

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