I love Halloween.  It’s my favourite non-holiday type celebration day.  It’s a fabulous excuse to reconnect with your inner child, wear something ridiculous and behave fairly inappropriately with the perfect excuse.  Halloween isn’t meant to be grown up and responsible.

How incredibly sad that this point has been missed by so many people.

Let me explain to you how my day went…

I got up all exited because it was Halloween.  I went and had my hair and eye make up done by my incredibly talented friend, Stylianos.  I got home, put my outfit on and looked at the mirror and laughed my ass off!

This is why:


Perfect Halloween outfit!

It was in the style of Day of the Dead which apparently was the big thing this year.  I just thought it was awesome.  It was over the top, a little slutty and it was fun.  I don’t do scary.  Never have, never will.  I avoid scary anything – outfits, movies, books… yeah no.  So, fun it is.

From the second I arrived at the venue, I was made to feel uncomfortable.  Not by the staff.  They are pros who have seen it all no doubt.  But from the other guests.  I am not going to name the venue, but it is a very British brunch and it’s known for having very “down to earth”, or “salt of the earth” type people in attendance.

You would think that would be a winner, right?  And you would have been wrong too.  I honestly don’t know who I got the worst looks from… men or women.

I think the highlight was overhearing two females bitching in the bathroom about how “she could at least have worn spanx and not been so, you know, everywhere”.  The classic moment is when I walked out of a bathroom stall and they both nearly died due to being busted bitching about the person that was now in front of them.  What did I do, I hear you ask?  Especially those of you who know me well!  Simple… I smiled at them and reminded them that when they were old enough to not care what others thought, then they should think about today.  I washed my paws, dried them and as I turned to leave, I smiled and wished them a Happy Halloween.

What did I do next?  Went to the bar and had a shot.  I was absolutely dying inside.

Given this was not the first time in my life I have encountered so much negativity about my size, I am an expert of putting on a brave face and carrying on without anyone knowing what happened.  It is exactly what I did for the next few hours.

Not everyone was mean.  Far from it.  My girls all totally got me.  There was a nice group of people who we were hanging out with who thought it was fun too.  There was also the lovely Mexican lady who was so excited to see that someone else knew what Day of the Dead was.

To those people, I say thank you.  I could not have got through the day without you.

To all the other people that pointed and gossiped and laughed… PLEASE find your personality and sense of fun before next Halloween!

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  1. Ren says:

    Shan, I can only say one thing… Who are the people? We are the people!! So f$%k the people!!! You are worth so much more, and for those who are loosing out, too bad, so much more for me!!!!

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