NBC’s The Voice

So this week was the first of the publicly voted eliminations. I do have to admit to being rather nervous. I wasn’t entirely impressed with all the choices for the final 12, so waiting to see what the Americans cocked up this time was rather stressful!

Anyhoo… Given Dubai is a bit behind, and I can’t wait 24hrs for the results show, Thursday night is my night in from now on so I can watch for 3hrs straight! (Yes, I am aware that I am going to need to go to some form of tv rehab when this is over!)

These are my thoughts, except I haven’t quite figured out everyone’s name yet!!

Craig Wayne Boyd
My favourite. I love me a bit of country rock, and he is sexy as hell in a “rough around the edges” way. His voice is all growly and tough, but this week proved he can be sweet and smooth as honey. Major vocal crush, and crushing on him generally!

Does he have a surname, or is he aiming for Madonna/Cher type status? Anyway, what a stunning voice from such a teeny person. He is a bit “heartfelt” sometimes when he is talking and it just seems insincere. Also, every song he sings, it sounds like he will burst into tears. I really hope he loses that soon. It’s a bit annoying. Once of twice, fair enough, but every song?!

Reagan James
Meh. I didn’t like her performance. Vocally she could do much better. It’s “The Voice” not”The Performance”. And, we get it… She’s 16. I am over you all worshiping her for it, Coaches. Her biggest downfall is going to be her ego, I think. She just looks smug as hell all the time.

Matt McTattoos
Never heard the song he sang, and didn’t particularly care for him until he did this one. My word did he ever knock it out of the ball park! Good job! Loved it!

Chris Postroom Guy
That falsetto is amazing. So smooth and effortless. And his normal voice is beautiful too. He absolutely killed that song – in a good way! I really enjoyed it. I don’t get why all the screaming though. He is ok looking, but not scream-worthy. I guess when you add his face and his voice, he gets better. I still prefer Craig Wayne Boyd! Oh, and why was his shirt so grubby looking? I sound like my mother, but it looks like someone doesn’t know how to look after their white wash!!

Taylor John One Hat
Blah. I think he is fairly average. He has had a few moments where his voice was lovely, but this wasn’t one. I think he is vocally as insipid as he looks.

Angela Jamaican Chick
I actually really like her! I think Team Gwen is geared up towards her 100% though which I don’t really like (what’s the female equivalent of a bro-mance?!), but I do think she has a unique and powerful voice. Tonight’s performance of Redemption Song is quite literally my favourite version of that I have ever heard. Stunning.

Unpronounceable Chick
You know the one I mean. She has the kid and looks way older than everyone else, and for some reason reminds me of the Lion in the Wizard of Oz? Well, whatever she looks like, and however annoying she is when she is being “humble” and “grateful”, there is no denying that she has the best vocal ability on the show. She isn’t my favourite, but she is hugely talented and probably technically the best out of the lot. The arrangement of Creep was awesome!

Luke Line Fluffer
Poor, poor chap. Really bad timing to come in too soon and fluff your intro, and a couple of other places in the song. And he looked like he took it hard. I think he actually was off key pretty much the whole way through and my heart went out to him. Not a fan of his, but am glad he has been given another chance.

And then to the bottom 3…

Ryan Sill
Bless this wee boy’s cotton socks! He is utterly adorable. Like a giant puppy dog! He has got to have the under 21’s vote. If not now, then very soon. And his voice is so pure. Absolutely perfect pitch and tone. Shame on you America for letting him be in the bottom 3. Unacceptable! Thank goodness all you Twitter Warriors were there and on his side!!

Jessie Pitts
Personally, her vocal style was not for me, but I could appreciate the beauty of her voice. I am sad that she is out because she was a little ray of sunshine.

Sugar Joans
Thank you, America. I am so pleased that snarly, growly, odd looking creation has gone. I have no idea why everyone raved about her. Did anyone think she was going to break out into “I want to stab somebody”, rather than “dance with”?! Scary. Bye.

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