I am a genius…

She wrote with heavy sarcasm.

So this weekend was a really good deal on a new brunch, followed by a great drinks offer post brunch, followed by a form of 90’s revival concert.

This is how it went:

Brunch (Nosh at Movenpick, JLT) was much better than expected!  There wasn’t one thing I ate which I thought was average.  It was all just good!  And, the “bubbles” they were serving went down really well too.  Staffing was a bit of a let down, but on a buffet, it’s not so much of an issue!  They were very good however when I was asking about my food allergies.  Totally going back to this one day!

Drunch (UBK at Movenpic, JLT) was messy.  It’s about AED200 for unlimited drinks from one time to another time.  I have no idea what those were.  I was rather drunk by the end of it.  Good fun, live music, not too busy.

Mixtape Rewind (at Emirates Hills Golf Club) was really good!  I still thing Bewitched suck after all these years, Five did a very good job at singing a 5 part harmony with only 3 remaining people, and Peter Andre turned out to be rather good.  Dashing too actually.  The best part was the DJ in between the acts… named something to do with cheese.  No idea what.  I do know I woke up the next day and could barely stand up… a sure sign that I was dancing my ass off!!!

Great day and night!  Woop!

Update: I am also such a genius I forgot to tell you why I was a genius before… Again, remembering the liberal doses of sarcasm… I missed bubbly, vodka and also cider. Is there any wonder my hangover was epic?!

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