NBC’s The Voice – Top 10

“And later, an emotional performance from Damien”.

Really?! Seriously?! Does no one read my very riveting blog?? Ok, so I know the answer is no, but still! Carson just ruined my happy with that one.

My coworker really enjoyed me not taking her through all 12 performances last week, and so this week I assume she would be equally grateful if I blogged rather than chewed her ear off!


Matt McAndrew (formerly McTattoo!)
He really does have a beautiful voice. This song, much as I do not like Coldplay, really showcased a different side to his voice and it really was beautiful. I can’t say that enough! I didn’t like the vocal arrangement and harmony on the second part of the song. It sounded off to me. Not his fault. He hit it where he was meant to I think!

Anita Antoinette
Hated it. Hated the arrangement. Thought she was flat most of the way through. And she fluffed her words. No, no, no. And, I don’t give a flying fuck what kind of boots she is wearing. Grr.

Damien One Name
Stunning voice. Boring song choice. And, so close to the crying face and voice, faaaar to often! But, even after all those annoyances, his voice is just angelic. So pure. Never a wrong note. Not convinced he was singing to a woman though! Haha!! Bless!!

Reagan James
Total mind fuck. I completely loved it! Still think she needs to do more vocally, but awesome!! That is a chart topping song, for sure!!! She still need to work on her “humble but so excited” face though.

Luke Wade (formerly Luke Line Fluffer)
One of my all time favourite songs, and his best performance to date. He still isn’t entirely my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed this! Especially the re-arrangement at the end… That was really good at really bought the song up to date. Woop!

Craig Wayne Boyd (my favourite!)
Absolutely covered in goosebumps. Just wow. The range, the power, the emotions. That is surely going to be the top performance of the night. I know it’s all about what your kind of vocal preferable is, and this is mine 150% and I am so excited to listen to this every week. Now, where is that iTunes button?! P.S. He and Blake Shelton are a dream team and when CWB wins this, I look forward to him and Blake releasing a song together.

Ryan Sill
Oh my word… I just want to hug this child! America, you had best vote him through. I love his voice. It’s like pouring warm honey down my spine, to my ears. It’s so perfect. I am not sure Gwen is the right coach for him though. And whomever is styling him, get him the hell out of jumpers. That boy had gorgeous shoulders and chunky arms. Quit hiding it all!

DiNica Shirey (yep, worked it out finally!)
Wow. Just wow. What a stunning vocal. I love her voice. Love, love, love the song! I don’t even know what more to say. Is there anything more to say? After hearing this, she is actually tied for my first choice/season winner with Craig Wayne Boyd. She was seriously THAT good!!!

Taylor John Williams (he lost his hat)
Ummmm… Who is this dude and where did he come from?! Loved it! Historically one of my least favourites, and suddenly I am hearing him in a totally new way. Blimey. Weird. Keep it up! We like this version!!!

Chris Jamison (formerly Chris Postroom Guy!)
Yay that he was given a white shirt this week! And yes, that was my overriding thought on this performance. The rest was good but we all know he can do much better and it bored me somewhat despite it being high energy.

So… Who do I want to go home? Anita for sure. After that? Ummmm….. Luke Wade? Maybe? I don’t know. I sadly think that poor lovely Ryan Sill will go, and I don’t like it.

Tomorrow night I will find out and update below!!

UPDATE: Thank you America! You got rid of that Anita one. And, the way Gwen pretty much bypassed Ryan to get to Anita after the results proved to me that she was the favourite. Perhaps now she has gone, Ryan (who is going to be the subject of a whole new blog post) will get more attention and will flourish. As for Reagan, I told you that she needed to work on that humble face! That said, she is an immensely talented child and I have absolutely no doubt that she will go on to have a massive career.

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  1. Ren says:

    All I can say is you do make me laugh, reading your blog religiously makes my morning coffee just so much more entertaining. PS: My mother reads this, so ease up on the f-bombs… Wink wink!!! Love your work, love you so much more!! XX

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