Kanpai, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai

I am not sure how many words I can find to tell you about this Japanese restaurant.  I don’t know how many words I have that would be befitting of such lovely sushi.  See, there already… “lovely” doesn’t begin to cover how good the sushi is.  One of the best in Dubai for sure.  The best?  Quite possibly, actually.  I must go and try everywhere else to be sure!

It was here I came after my horrific lunch experience on the Palm, and I am so thankful it was good as I couldn’t have taken any more bad food that day!

My friend and I had bought a voucher (Groupon or the such) for a sushi platter for two.  We had a similar deal a few weeks before, and it was good.  Memory gets in the way sometimes and you worry it won’t be as good as you remember.  And it wasn’t…  It was better if that was even possible!

Our main platter had on: ebi, tuna and salmon sashimi, and then two maki rolls.  I am sure there was some nigiri involved too, but I was so hungry I inhaled the lot!  In fact, so much so, that I ordered another mixed platter after!  It was just stunning.  There was a tempura, a spicy tuna, a California and a Philadelphia maki.

There is literally not one thing that I thought “meh” or “average” about.  Now, you may think that is only because I was so hungry.  But no, it’s exactly what I thought last time too!

So, 10/10 from this ex-Bermuda Expat sushi snob to you Kanpai.  We love you and we will be back!!

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