We need a chat, America.

Right… The Voice… Ryan Sill…

Why do you keep leaving it to save him in a damn tweet-off?!  He is absolutely crushing everyone he is going against in that section (49% of the votes against two others is awesome!), so why can’t you just vote for him properly so the poor lovely doesn’t have to go through that each week?!

Also, can someone please tell Gwen to stop trying to mould him into what she likes, and listen to him?  I think he would be way more comfortable then.

And another ‘also’… can someone please get a dance coach for him?  If he had training every day, he would start to feel more comfortable in his own skin.  I am not saying he needs to learn a routine, but I think it will help him with movement on stage.

One more… Get him into something a bit more “swoon-worthy” than a jersey.  He is a good looking kid with a good shape to him.  Show it off (not to a rude level) and bring in the girl vote!  That smile is enough to melt hearts at a 1,000 paces, so use it his visual assets to enhance his appeal.

I mean, seriously!  Do I have to come and show Gwen how to manage this boy?  She should have paid more attention than investing everything into that Anita one who has thankfully gone.

Right, I think that’s about it.  Get voting properly this week, please!

Rant over.

(And yes… I know this will have all of 3 people reading it, one of which is my mother, but I feel better for getting it off my chest now!!)


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