NBC’s The Voice – Top 8

It’s that time of the week… My catch up of The Voice!

And, I have just found out 3 people are going home! Eek!

So, here is my mindless ramblings!!

Ryan Sill

Stunning vocal. Just perfect. I don’t think people quite understand how high that was to hit perfectly in full voice, not in falsetto, for the whole song. That is crazy hard! Good job my lovely! Fingers crossed that America figured it out finally. (But seriously… A leather jumper?!)

Craig Wayne Boyd Well, this will come as a shock: I didn’t like it. Not a huge fan of the song generally, but mostly I don’t think the vocal was strong. Super disappointing. I think he is on thin ice with that. He isn’t going anywhere because he has a fan base now, but if his previous performances weren’t so strong, I would be worried. So disappointing. However, it was a great, crowd pleasing performance. Good job on that. And he looked hot. Sorry for the girl comments! Haha!

DaNica Shirey

Another perfect vocal (minus the last couple of words), but I am bored of her singing powerhouse ballads now. I want something different. Much as her voice is stunning, I am over it. She did a great in the opening group song. Why can’t she have something fun like that?

(I didn’t know that “Jealous” was that Jonas boy! That was a surprise!! And again proving that DiNica can do non-ballad stuff!)

“Next up, Damien songs Adele”. My happy just got ruined again, Carson.


Oh balls… “Someone Like You”. We are going to have more of that crying face and voice. We know it’s going to he perfect vocally, but….

Beautiful. I was right. I was also right about crying voice and face. Meh. Next.

Chris Jamison

Shockingly good! Loved it! This is perfect for him. Hoorah to you, dude! And Adam. Great choice! If he carried on like this, he is winning. Girl voting is strong and he is a good looking kid. With a vocal and performance like this, he has other voters coming in for him. Great, great job!

Luke Wade

He actually sounded creepy like Mick Hucknel. And that just sealed my view of him. Don’t like. His voice is not my thing at all. Sorry peeps. This is the only performance I actually wanted to hit fast forward on. And I am glad I didn’t, so I could be utterly horrified about the entirely missed shouty note. So, so bad. No.

(I am not entirely sure what Gwen and Pharrell’s song was all about, but it was fun!)

Taylor John Williams

This little dude is my bestie’s favourite! Even she isn’t a fan of that hat!

Totally and utterly loved it! It was creepy and wierd and beautiful all in one! How does that work? No idea at all, but it does! In fact, I actually prefer this version to the original. This guy hasn’t been my favourite but this and last weeks show him in an entirely different light, and I am liking it!

Matt McAndrew

Holy. Wow. Amazing. Goosebumps. Totally saved the best until last! I am so heading to iTunes right now! Thank you Adam and Matt!!

Right…. Cigarette break before the results show! Who do I think will go? Or stay? I just don’t know! Matt, Taylor and Chris for sure have to go through. I want CWB through, without a doubt. So that leaves one? Who? I have a horrible feeling it will be Luke. Let’s find out….

First Save: Matt McAndrew! Tick!

Second Save: Damien. Really?! Wow. Well, that’s blown my final 5 clean open. Who knows what is coming next!

(Love this Raylin chick! Reminds me of a young Dolly!)

Third Save: Taylor John Williams! Tick!

Fourth Save: Craig Wayne Boyd! Tick! Thank goodness!

Sing offs:

DaNica – More attitude in this one. Much better. Enough to be saved? Who knows. Probably not.

Luke – I just don’t like his voice. I hope it’s not him.

Ryan – I want him through. Had this been his main song, not the Journey one, he may not have been in this place. I think Gwen sucks as his coach. He is to cute and clean cut. She doesn’t know what to do with that. Poor boy. Please let someone pick him up outside of this competition and bring him to where he should be.

Chris – I like and don’t like his song choice for him in equal amounts. I don’t know. It could be enough?

And the Twitter Save goes to: Chris Jamison! Phew!

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