Dubai: The Only City Couponing is Cool!

We are bargain hunters in Dubai.  I think it stems from the fact that it’s quite an expensive city to live in and so if we can make a little saving here and there, we will!  Where else are there gleeful emails saying “I have a voucher for there” flying in after a proposed girls night out?  Or, offer of vouchers when people have guests coming over.  Share and share a like!

Mostly we use The Entertainer.  Have you heard of it?  Its awesome!  It’s a whole book of buy one get one free vouchers for restaurants and bars.  Last year they gave away a free supplement with hotel nights too!  That was very exciting!

On top of those, Groupon and the like are HUGE over here.  I doubt there is another country in the world it works so well one.  You can get anything from false eyelashes to weekends in a different Emirate, Made on TV products to meals in your favourite restaurants.  (Or some like O’Cacti which I hope no one buys).

This weekend, our fabulous friend Cass organised a limo ride and a yacht cruise!  It was sooo much fun!!!

Firstly, I had no idea what to expect with the limo ride.  I have never been in one before.  Also, Dubai has so many different types, we quite literally didn’t know what would turn up.

This is what did:

photo 1

Absolutely hilarious!  The doors opened in the style of the DeLorean, and engulfed you in multicoloured neon lights.  Don’t believe me?!  Look:

photo 2

I think we pretty much laughed the whole time we were in this wonderful tack-mobile.  And you totally know we are going to hire it again!  It was so tragic it was fabulous!  The highlight though was other people driving past taking pictures and laughing too!  Shame they couldn’t see us waving out!

So much fun!

Next was the yacht cruise.  Not quite what I think of as a yacht, but a lovely little boat none the less:

photo (4)

Off we puttered and headed over to the Burj Al Arab for a photo shoot, then back to the calmer waters off the beach of The One & Only and The Westin.  It appears to be where everyone puts anchor down, and there is an amusing selection of music that greets you each time the wind changes direction!

photo (3)

The weather was absolutely stunning, warm and breezy.  The sky was cloudless, aside from the pretty clouds being made by the stunt flying people – who I have no idea what are really called!  But look at the pretty stuff they can do:

photo (1)

You get so used to running around Dubai in all different directions that you never really take a moment out to enjoy how pretty it is in an urban jungle kind of way.  In fairness, looking up and seeing the buildings towering above you doesn’t really help.  But, every now and again you can go out on a day like this and see how lovely it really does look.  As proven by this picture looking over at JBR and the Marina.

photo (5)

We had such a lovely day!  The girls had bought bubbles (I had diet coke) and lots of yummy home made and store bought savory goodies and cakes!  I didn’t dare cook in case I had any of the food poisoning remaining, and we all know that I can’t eat still because I appear to do nothing but moan about it!

We were very sad to see the end of the three hours.  We could happily have stayed out longer.  It’s such a calming experience being on the water.  I need to do this once a month going forward.  I need that connection and forget how much every time.

Thank you Groupon or whomever we go the vouchers from, and thank you to Cass for organising!

Looking forward to January’s trip already!



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  1. ashesc says:

    Totally with you here…… Love deals! And The Entertainer! Haven’t been on a yacht cruise before… How much was it and is the deal still available?

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