NBC’s The Voice – Semi Finals

Blake Shelton opened the show and that on it’s own made me happy! He has such a beautiful voice. I could have done without the blonde chick that was singing with him. But it was still very good. I heart him.

Anyway, the other news is that one person eliminated from the final 12 gets to come back as a wild card. Not sure how I feel about that. My vote is obviously Ryan Sill.

Each of the final 5 get two songs tonight. That means sitting through Damien twice. Balls.

And here we go….

Round 1

“Emotionally vulnerable vocal”. Crap. Oh, and a Michael Jackson song. Double crap.
Beautifully sung. Perfect really. But crying face and voice a lot. Blah.

Craig Wayne Boyd
And he’s back! Awesome! Loved it! Perfect! Woo hoo!!
Not only was the vocal spot on, he absolutely owns that stage and audience!

Taylor John Williams
Gwen sucks. She chose this boring song? I don’t get it. Given everything he has done in the last couple of weeks, I am disappointed.

Matt McAndrew
Blimey! Who knew he could sing like that?! He just keeps getting better and better. It’s amazing. I think this dude could win the whole thing. Especially if he continues like this. Holy wow. Just fantastic!

Chris Jamison
It was good, but missing something. It was kind of blah. Really good falsetto, and to keep it for a whole chorus takes some doing! Good job on that! But the rest was just average I think.

Round 2

(Carson broke my happy again… Damien is doing another heartfelt song.)

(He does have a surname! Lawson! Who knew!)
Carson lied! It was fun! And good! First song I haven’t wanted to forward through in an age! Why couldn’t we have more of this stuff?!

Matt McAndrew
Hate this song so much, but given he vocally pee’s on Bono from a great height, it was soooooo much better than I expected! I really liked it! He aced it completely!

Craig Wayne Boyd
Aaaahhhhhhhh! It was so nice! Totally showed odd his vocals and highlights how he complete commands the stage and audience even when he is standing still. This guy is just unbelievably good! I love listening as watching each week. I am going to be first in line for his album when he wins this! Hoorah! Fantastic job!

Taylor John Williams
Not sure about this at all. Totally love the song. But not sure it worked for Taylor at all. Really strange choice and not far enough away from the original to make it work. I just didn’t get it on any level.

Chris Jamison
I just melted a bit. Why didn’t we hear this kind of vocal and song before? I think this is my favourite of the night. Stunning. Simply beautiful. I love, love, loved it. So much, I had to rewind and listen to it again. So good. Crazy good.

And now onto the results show and wild card show!!

First Finalist: Chris Jamison! Woop! Totally deserved after that last song!!

Second Finalist: Craig Wayne Boyd! Double Woop! So, so happy! Awesome!!!

Third Finalist: Matt McAndrew! Yay! Perfect!!

Final 3 are so exciting!

Now for this wildcard thing. But wait… I am going to have to google who the fourth is. It’s going to be announced on the Today Show. Balls.


She probably should have sing something like this song and then she wouldn’t have been eliminated. Perhaps she learnt some humility and how to listen to the adults now. Nope… She still needs to work on her face not looking smug.

Jessie Pitts
I love this girl. Such a strange voice, but hauntingly beautiful. Too sweet sounding for Zombie though. I did like it very much!

Ryan Sill
Sooooooo good and such a pretty voice! I really want him to be the wild card. I hope you did the right thing, America!!

Anita Antoinette
Crap. Bye. Fast forward.

Taylor John Williams
Awesome! Much better! We like this and this should have happened more! Well done that chap. He does love that hat!!

Very, very good. Again, no crying voice and face in sight and I would actually buy this if it was a single. Good job.

Sugar Jones
She still looks like she wants to punch someone but I liked this song. She didn’t sound quite as snarly as before. Possibly her best performance on the show.

Luke Wade
Blah. Boring. Fast forward.

DaNica Shirey
Another ballad. Stunning, but….

Right…. Off to google…..

Fourth Finalist: Damien! He really has a beautiful voice, so I get it. I just hope he does something fun!!

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