NBC’s The Voice – The Finals!


Yes, I know I used caps, because that’s how excited I am! I can’t even wait until tomorrow to watch everything together… I am watching it now!!!

Here we go!!!!

3 songs! A coach picked on, a duet with their coach (cannot wait for Craig/Blake!) and an original! Woop!

Coaches Choice
Slightly distracted by people who can’t wave in time to the music to start with. How can you mess that up?! Anyway… Yet another good vocal from Damien. Not perfect though. Probably the hardest song he has had to sing and you could tell he was a little out of his comfort zone. Lovely still but probably his weakest performance to date. Shame. (Turns out I heard something completely different to the coaches! Haha!)

Craig Wayne Boyd
Original song first! My Baby Has A Smile On Her Face. (Blake having a sing to explain was soooo good! I heart him!)
LOVE IT. Simples! I can hear this blaring out on every country music radio station there is. Awesome vocal performance. This dude can do no wrong!! And, totally loving the “suit”! Hellooooo!!

Chris Jamison
Duet with Coach
Perfect song for this chap. But I was a bit distracted by Adam and how hot he is when he sings! Their voices totally work together! Awesome performance! Really, really good!!

Matt McAndrew
Original song. Wasted Love.
This is going to be HUGE. I love it. Major, mahoosive hit on his hands. Fantastic vocal performance!! Love it! (Blake looked impressed and worried all in one! That’s how good it was!!)

Ooohhhhh… Blake and Craig next!!

Craig Wayne Boyd
Oh my word! They need to record and release this! It’s EPIC! I love it! I want it! Their voices work as well together as I imagined! It was like watching a performance on the CMAs or such! Fan-bloody-tastic!! Rewinding and watching this over again!! Woo hoo!!!!!
(It just keeps getting better each time you watch it!!!)

Coach Duet. Don’t let the sun by Elton John. This could be very good! But also an interesting combo with their voices….
(Does Adam have a clue how hot he is when he sings?!)
Bless Damien. Very good, but totally outclassed by Adam, Even though Adam was majorly holding back.And, following Craig/Blake it just fell flat. Good effort. But no.

Chris Jamison
Original song. Velvet.
Meh. Uninspiring. Nice enough, but blah still. That said, it’s very Michael Jackson and I was never a fan. Actually tempted to fast forward.
Temptation won.

Matt McAndrew
Coach duet.
I expected more from this to be honest. It’s nice but it’s not as powerful as I expected. Quite disappointing. Also, Adam’s role was too prominent.

Craig Wayne Boyd
Well, that’s my mascara gone. Beautiful. Just perfect. Thank you.

Original Song. Soldier.
Woo hoo! Fantastic! He needed to be singing this tempo all the way through! Loved it! I can hear this on the radio and I can see me dancing along in my chair as I listen to it at work! Good job!!!!

Chris Jamison
Coaches choice.
He rocked it! Justin Timberlake is a perfect choice! He should totally be heading in this direction! He falsetto is spot on, and very few can do that. He is so good! And that was an insanely perfect way to end that song! Wow! Well done that boy!!!

Matt McAndrew
Coaches Choice.
Oh my word. Somewhere over the rainbow?!
I love this song, and I love this guys voice… But I don’t get it. It was too close to the original arrangement so it just didn’t make sense. He could have funked it up a bit. And then he messed up the last few notes. A really strange, strange choice. I still don’t know what to think or say.

Bring on the results show tomorrow! I can’t wait!!

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