NBC’s The Voice – The Results!!!

NB: I am exhausted so this will be littered with spelling errors and typos!

I can’t believe it’s the last one tonight! What am I going to do?! I am going to have to actually start having a life again so that I have something to blog about!!

I have literally spent today avoiding social media and the news! I didn’t want anything to ruin this surprise!!!

Let’s do this!

Ooohhhhh… Blake in a suit!!! Hashtag drool!!!

Top20 – I never like these group things. It was nice to see the lovely Ryan back though!!

Craig Wayne Boyd
“Bring Back Performance”… So he brings back Dinica, Sugar and Taylor Bashirs. Right.
He sounds great! I like the song! Strange girls. Dinica proves that she should have done more uptempo stuff before. The other two I would do without. And Sugar just scares me, and appears to have stolen Taylor One Hat’s one hat. Probably to scared to argue.

Hosier – is that how you spell it? It’s the Take Me To Church song that Matt McAndrew did. I prefer Matt’s version. More technical vocals and passion. Next!

Chris Jamison
“Bring Back Perfornance” -Luke Wade, Taylor Feenie (is that his name?), Ricky Manning and Ryan Sill
Well, Chris was good, and of course Ryan was perfect! Strange song though! Let me talk a bit more about Ryan… I honestly think he would have done better with anyone but Gwen. He is adorable and has a stunning voice. Shame on you Gwen.

Matt McAndrew and The a fallout Boy
I think that Matt will win. Honestly. This has just further proved it. He is so, so good. He could have been performing with this lot forever. So well done.

(P.S. I still want CWB to win!!)

The Girls sining Bang Bang – Fast forward, please.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars – One of my favourer songs of the moment! Not entirely sure why Bruno has curlers in though?

Aaahhhhhh! I liked the Christmas bit! They should have played more of that!!

Craig Wayne Boyd and Leonard Skinner! Oh my wow! Are you kidding me! This is awesome!!!! Sweet Home Alabama! Totally want to be there!!! Craig HAS to win! I will not be happy if not!!!!

Megan Trainer – nah. Loved her first one but not this song. Time to forward again.

Damien and Jennifer Hudson – I am scared for a wardrobe malfunction for her. It was super distracting. Probably a good thing. When I tuned in, he vocals were scratchy. Damien of course was excellent. What else did we expect?! Mostly though, I am trying to work out which combo of “meds” she is on. Very strange.

Ed Sheeran – cannot wait to see him in March! Such a lovely voice! Bless!!

Matt McAndrew
“Bring Back Performance” – Taylor John Williams, Taylor Feeny (going for a different spelling!), Mia and that damn Sugar again.
And how they managed to dull out You Can Go Your Own Way is entirely beyond me. But, Taylor One Hat and Sugar both had their hats in place, so at least it was balanced!!

bring Back Performance – Dinica, Anita, Elijah.
Really, really good! Best of these bring backs for sure!

Chris Jamison and Jessie J
Fun! Good! I like!

(So tired I am running out of words!)

The Coaches – have yourself a merry little Christmas
I must remember to dig out Blake’s Christmas album! I also must dig out a pic of Gwen in that red dress and stick on my fridge so I stop eating crap!!!!



4th Place: Damien

3rd Place: Chris Jamison

And the winner is: CRAIG WAYNE BOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Matt McAndrew for 2nd place!!

But YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done America! You’re redeemed!!!!!

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