O’Cacti – A much over due update!

My apologies for having been away for a while.  Epic vacation in South Africa and general January Blues are to blame!

However, as requested:

I did manage to get hold of the general manager.  The idiot whom I had emailed the first time was the floor manager, whatever that means.  Anyway… long story short… they didn’t apologise, accepted no liability for their staff, and generally talked back over the top of me.  Oh, and then they offered me to come back in for a meal and see that I was wrong.

Yeah… no.  Poke it.  I did ask why on earth they thought I would want to go back to a venue that gave me food poisoning so sever that it damaged my stomach lining and took me 10 weeks to be able to eat a normal meal again.  They just kept telling me that it would all be on them.  #EpicFail.

A number of my friends have been since and experienced equally as poor service.  Thankfully none of them have been ill.  Turns out that was a special treat just for me and my friend.

I really, really hope that it shuts down soon.  Pier 7 is an amazing place, and this one restaurant is dragging it down.

For entertainment, check out TripAdvisor (here) to see other people’s comments!

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  1. ashesc says:

    Hey at least you got a response man lol, never got any response at all till now for the emails I’ve written them. Agree with you that Pier 7 is an amazing place and this place just doesn’t fit what the rest of the restaurants have to offer !

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