SAG Awards

I used to obsessively watch the red carpet and awards shows when I lived in Bermuda.  Sadly, because of the time zones, my first glimpse of them is now in the Daily Mail!

So, instead of spending the day discussing it, I will blog a little because no one here has any interest!!!

Rosamund Pike – Ok… what is going on with this chick?  She is normally so well dressed but the last twice she has been on the red carpet, she looked dreadful.  Boo!  Did someone tell her she was showing too much off for a new mother at the last one so she decided to cover up with a giant lampshade this time?!  Random and wrong!

Jennifer Aniston – Is anyone else now slightly obsessed with her boobs?!  She looked absolutely perfect!  Wow!  Shame she didn’t win.  I am sure it’s high time that she did, even though I have no idea what she was in!!

Zach Galifianakis – I think he does not look like a very nice person.  I don’t now why.  I don’t have an opinion of him from things he has been in, namely because I have no idea what there has been, and so am basing this entirely on the pics from today.  Me no likie.

Sofia Vergara – She has always been my one and only girl crush.  I think she is stunning and has the perfect body.  Her dress absolutely did not disappoint.  She looked fabulous as normal, and the additional accessory of a smoking hot fiance also helped.  However, what is going on with her face?  She needs to stop the work as she is starting to look a bit like a lion.  I don’t know why it makes me think of a lion.  Well, a giant cat really.  Maybe it’s after that Jocelyn Wildenstein chick.  Seriously Sofia…. Stop.

Crazy Eyes – No idea what her real name is but she plays Suzanne or Crazy Eyes in Orange is the New Black.  I am actually kind of disappointed to find her eyes aren’t crazy, and she’s actually very nice and normal looking!  She also looked lovely in the yellow creation she was wearing.  Yay but boo!

The Cast of Orange is the New Black – I love these guys!  Aside from Boo and Pennsatucky (sp?), then you really have to think hard about who they are when you first see them!

Emma Stone – WTF was that!?  Did they only put together the sheer inside of the dress and run out of time and then just throw a jacket over the top?!

Keira Knightly – Hoorah for her being preggers!  Such nice news.  She needs to get a stylist that specialises in pregnancy appearances though because her last two appearances have not been great.  Just because everyone has told you for years that you’re a walking clothes-hanger, does not mean that you can continue to wear random stuff when your body shape entirely changes!

Viola Davis – 10/10!  Bravo lady!  And you totally deserve the win for your mental character in How to blah blah blah!

Julia Roberts – One word: Spanx.  I am so pleased that you’re growing old gracefully (well, aside from the very well done face work), but if you wanna wear something that tight, suck it in lady!  Take it from someone who has had to do this for years.  I know it’s new to you, so we will give you a pass this time.

And the final word goes to:

Anna from Downton Abbey: This chick is stunning and always perfectly turned out.  She also gives a kick ass acceptance speech.  HUGE fan.  Well done that girl!

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