Well, I was blonde….

For some reason that I can’t quite fathom, I decided it was time to start messing around with my hair.

Initially, I thought I was just over having highlights.  They take too long and stress me out.  I had no intention of being anything other than blonde.  And then something started to brew in my mind.

I have always been envious of people who would change their hair colour around with the blink of an eye.  I have never been brave enough.  I have had great fun helping people pick their new hair colours.  Trying to convince them (and failing miserably) to try the colours I wish I could.  But I have always – with the exception of the “pig in a wig” days when I was about 23 – been blonde.


I have had an interesting few weeks with my health and stuff, and it could have pushed me to a new low without a project.  My hair became that project.  I had to find a new colour.  With nothing else for it, I booked in with the fabulously talented Stylianos at JetSet Emirates Towers. I have written about him before, here and you can see how much I admire his abilities.  It’s why he was the only logical choice to take my hair out of its routine.

At this point, I would like to say that I have a wonderful friend Lorraine who has been doing my highlights meticulously for the last couple of years.  She is amazing and does a fantastic job.  I am in no way unhappy with her and her skills either.  I just needed a complete change.

Anyhoo, I have gone through untold photos of hair and picked my top 20 (or so!), and also colours that I absolutely hate.  All sent to Stylianos along with my exceptionally poorly worded explanations of what I was thinking.  These message usually ended in me saying “oh I don’t know” or “but you have to tell me”.

Crazy fear was starting to take over.  I couldn’t think rationally.  I just know I wanted ‘different’.  Not as in “alternative”, but as in different for me.  I literally had nightmares about having to shave my hair off due to an allergic reaction to the hair dye.  Yep, crazy.  Like I said.  I blame the Daily Mail for those fears.  They report that stuff too often!

And then it was time.

I sat on that chair waiting for him to finish up with his last client.  I was early on account of the nerves not letting me sit still at home.  I filled my time with taking ‘before’ pictures in case for both nostalgia purposes, but also in case he had to recreate the colour.

We went through the colour books and I pointed out all the ones I hated.  I figured it was a good start.  Then we whittled it down by colours that were boring.  Or, ones that were too extreme.  We got it down to a handful of colours, and then I left it to him.  I didn’t know what would and what wouldn’t work.  That’s his job and one it turns out he is exceptional at.  Is there any aspect of hair and faces he can’t work his magic on!?

There are lots of pictures from the whole process, and they are below.  You can make up your own mind as to whether this was a success or not.

It was a fun time though.  I entertained myself, and probably half of the salon, with my hysterical laughter.  I lost it completely and couldn’t stop giggling.  Tears were literally rolling down my cheeks.  Random.  There were also photos (below) that of course set me off again!  There were also genuine tears when I saw the colour for the first time.  It’s not like I thought it was horrible or anything.  It was just a huge shock.

Its going to take some getting used to.  It has been really well received and with the exception of one person, everyone has hailed this as a huge success.

I do however, like it.  I am so pleased that I gave this a shot and that Stylianos was brave enough to go with me on this journey of change.  It’s the first of a bunch I think.  I want to see what else we can do.  That probably puts the fear of heckles up him, but I think it will be fun!!

Oh, and any make up and wardrobe advice from people is greatly welcomed!  I have NO idea what I am doing now my entire look has changed!











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