Fairmont Ajman

As you can see, it’s been a fair amount of time since I have posted.  I haven’t been crazy busy… just lazy!!  However, this weekend’s stay at the newly opened Fairmont hotel in Ajman is certainly worth starting up again for.

There was a voucher on Groupon or Cobone or similar for one night half board at the new hotel.  I am a bit of a Fairmont fan, and so my best friend and I snapped one up and booked.

The last weekend before Ramadan may feel like an odd choice when the whole of Dubai is partying like crazy, but it was perfect for us.  I can’t drink and my friend is giant lightweight who rarely makes it out after brunch!  Haha!  (She is so going to kick my ass when she reads that!!)  Also, I had just been on vacation back to London and as any expat knows, nipping home for a week is far from a relaxing break.  You spend the whole time running from pillar to post, trying to fit everyone in.  And failing regularly.  Next time, everyone comes to me!  I digress… so after a weeks ‘holiday’, I needed a holiday!

We naturally got lost on the way to Ajman, found a gas station and stocked up on snacks (but forgot to get petrol) and finally ended up at the hotel a bunch later than planned.  Thankfully, this is a normal road trip for us, so we weren’t stressed on any level!  Not even when very strong winds (the corner of that tropical cyclone I suspect) made my hat fly off twice. (Thank you again lovely valet man who chased after it both times!)

Where to start on my hotel review!?  It’s probably going to be fairly short as I am a bit out of practice, but I will try!

Well, everyone from the cleaners to the managers were really nice.  That’s a good place to start.  Except this one girl but I think she just had “resting bitch face” so we can’t judge her too harshly, poor thing.  But nothing was any bother for anyone.  Everyone tried their best to help in a timely and friendly manner.  Everyone smiled.  Everyone is just nice!

The hotel itself, being brand new, is all fresh and pretty looking.  I love the colour scheme and it’s really very open and bright.  There is that yummy hotel smell/insense when you come in that’s not too overbearing but just reminds you of being in a spa.  Perfect balance!

The beach looked lovely but I suspect the sand was the temperature of molten lava, and the sea like a hot bath.  Funnily enough, I didn’t try it out.  And that’s not a minus point as Fairmont can’t control nature!

The pool however was perfect!  It was chilly when you got in so you cooled off, but not so cold that you had to get out to warm up.  Also, it was the right temperature for the pool bar, which not only has the nicest staff, (shout out to Chandan who was especially sweet) but really reasonable prices.  Naturally, we spent the whole day there and got burnt raw.  HashtagIdiots HashtagWillNeverLearn

The Groupon type voucher we had was for half board, so we ate dinner at the buffet restaurant for dinner, and again in the morning for breakfast.  As anyone who knows me knows, I am a nightmare on a buffet.  Firstly I have food allergies, and secondly, I always over eat!  Thankfully my bestie is the same, minus the allergies!

With the food allergies in mind, I asked to speak to someone about what went into the dishes.  Very quickly, and with no problem at all, the head chef was bought out and walked me around every dish in the restaurant.  Not only was it fascinating to hear what went into some of them, it let me know what I could safely eat.  Bonus.

There was one moment of sadness though… the vegetables in cheese sauce were made with wheat flour.  I could have cried.  I love veggies and haven’t had enough of them recently.  If you put cheese sauce on them it only gets better!  My face must have said it all… and the lovely man said it was no problem and he would make some fresh for me!  I love him.  Its official.  He also made the offer with the other dishes, but I was quite happy with my vegetables!

My love for him just grew stronger the next morning when he not only made me fresh hash browns, but he also had chocolate chip muffins.  Goodbye diet!  Hello chocolatey goodness!  And they were actually good for gluten free ones too!  Would have been amazing with a scoop of ice cream but I couldn’t bring myself to ask at breakfast!

I don’t know what else to say really except I am really excited to be going back for a girls weekend for my birthday.  Just me and my bestie again, doing what we do best… getting lost, drinking wine, laughing and eating!!!!

Thank you Fairmont Ajman for a great weekend, and keep up the excellent job!!

P.S. Here is a picture of the stunning flowers in reception… 


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